Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If you're gonna vote today...

If you're in the City of Miami and you're going to vote, take a moment and remember the commissioners that are responsible for bringing our fair City the visual pollution that seems to be popping up on every street corner...

LED billboards are popping up all over the City of Miami, not just the ones along the major highways but now were seeing them on busy street corners in some instances no more than two stories high putting them practically in your face.  Think of how much money the billboard industry has flooded into the campaign coffers of those running for reelection today and you might get a better understanding of who really runs our government.


  1. Great photos. Voters and residents can thank Marc Sarnoff for all the LED billboards. They are all illegal in Miami-Dade County yet Sarnoff approves them for his patron Clear Channel.

    Oh, Clear Channel gives money to Sarnoff.

    Gort takes Clear Channel money too.

  2. Where is Mayor Carlos Gimenez? Why doesn't he direct the County to enforce against all the illegal LED billboards?

  3. Mayor Gimenez cant do anything because the county attorneys office advised him he cant. Thats why those attractive wrappers on the apartment buildings on NW 79st and I95 (fire hazzard) are still there. That whole lot is filled with over priced incompetents that are only good at settling cases and keeping the commissioners out of trouble. Remember the charter has their office answering to the commission and not the mayor. Some screwed up government, isnt it?

  4. Carlos Gimenez should be a man and make the corrupt City of Miami take down their illegal LED billboards.

  5. Clear Channel must be pleased. Gort and Sarnoff got re-elected. Watch as Gort and Sarnoff smooth the way for Clear Channel to install more illegal LED billboards.