Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 starts off well for Veldora Arthur and once again, the tax payers get screwed!

As most of you already know, convicted fraudster and ex City of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur got to keep her pension.  We sat through an hour long hearing last week at the City of Miami Fire Fighter and Police Officer Retirement Trust, let's just say that the hearing was a farce.  Our sources tell us that there was a bunch of back room dealing that went on before the hearing virtually guaranteeing that Veldora got to keep her pension despite the crimes that she committed while on the job, we'll cover that in detail later this week, in the mean time, check out our friend Melissa Sanchez's coverage of the hearing at the from the Miami Herald here.

While I expected Ms. Arthur to get to keep her pension, what I didn't expect was this...

Veldora Arthur Restitution Order

That's right, in case you missed it, here's the part that left me FLOORED!

What was that?


That's the icing on the cake, isn't it?  It's bad enough that Ms. Arthur got to collect her full pay and benefits while sitting at home awaiting trial, now she's sitting in prison STILL COLLECTING HER $167,000 PENSION and as a parting gift, the federal government has decided that despite the fact she cost the banks millions of dollars worth of losses as a result of her nefarious schemes, she now doesn't have to repay them a single red cent!

So there you have it, the tax payer takes it up the ass not once, but TWICE!  We'll done!


  1. Really strange especially considering Guaracino was ordered to pay 3 mil in restitution

  2. You should take a look back at her 25 year career .She was hired because she was a black female .Totally unfit to do the job .instantly went on light duty .Served as a firefighter for less than a year .Given an office job and never returned to the floor. Was completely incompetent in any capacity where she served. Was Mia while getting paid but actually attending Barry university getting her degree.along with Kemp. Every division she has ever had supervision over has been a hotbed of turmoil and incompetence .The administrations of Giminez ,Bryson and Kemp have been derelict in their duty to the tax paying public

  3. Boy howdy. Makes me think of the attorney's in the Operation Cop Out case. All charges dropped. Their law licenses in good standing. Be aware of those very attorneys still working in real estate, foreclosures, bankruptcy,title, etc. The lesson: Be the teacher, not the student.
    Be the top, not the bottom. Be connected, not average. And deny, deny, deny.

  4. I served on that jury. I am so glad we saw through all the lies and deceit. I cannot believe she got to keep her pension and did not pay restitution!