Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some fun with Googlemaps and I need a favor, can someone help me find an auto tag agency near South Miami?

I'm a bit confused as it seems that there must be no auto tag agencies anywhere near the City of South Miami.  Let's say for example that I was standing in front of the City of South Miami's city hall, how far is the nearest tag agency?  Let's start by going through a list of tag agencies that I got online along with their proximity to City Hall in green thanks to Googlemaps...
18655 S. Dixie Highway 33157 9.2 miles
5400 NW 22nd Avenue 33142 13.7 miles
1418 Ponce de Leon Blvd 33134 5.0 miles
30708 S. Federal Highway 33030 22.7 miles
11287 S. Dixie Highway 33156 4.0 miles
1375 NW 36th Street 33142 12.0 miles
8530 Bird Road 33155 4.9 miles
13710-K SW 56th street 33175 8.9 miles
20 West 49th Street 33012 15.3 miles
1834 NE Miami Gardens Drive 33179 21.8 miles
804 NW 183rd Street 33169 21.0 miles
140 West Flagler Street 33130 9.0 miles
1550 West 84th street 33014 15.6 miles
10930 West Flagler Street 33174 9.9 miles
800 71st street 33141 19.4 miles
313 NW 167 Street 33162 19.9 miles
12935 West Dixie Highway 33161 18.1 miles
8404 NW 103rd Street 33016 13.8 miles
6402 NW 186th Street 33015 19.3 miles
10201 Hammocks Blvd 33196 11.2 miles
11035 NW 27th Avenue 33167 21.2 miles
2517 SW 8th street 33135 6.2 miles
5759 SW 40th street 33155 2.6 miles
3636 NW 36th street 33142 8.8 miles
5747 NW 7th street 33126 5.6 miles

That's rather interesting, so say for example that I was the City of South Miami and I needed a tag renewed, wouldn't logic dictate that I'd go to the closest tag agency to my office?  Or just to be a model City of South Miami employee, wouldn't it be great to patronize a tag agency in my own city?  Based on what I see there's a tag agency within the city limits located at 5759 SW 40th Street, just 2.6 miles away from City Hall! 

I was a bit bored last night and found myself trolling through the City of South Miami's website where I accidentally stumbled upon the city's finance department.  What's really neat about the city's website is that you can see an itemized list of the city's monthly financial reports, I took a quick look at a few months worth of reports and found this, I've outlined the most interesting part in red...

Would you look at that?  City of South Miami vendor number 3592 is none other than Airways Auto Tag Agency!  The very same auto tag agency that we've been talking about over the last few months!  After a cursory review of the city's financial reports, I managed to find four different transactions totaling $1,776.25 involving a private company that's owned by the city's police chief's wife.  Now, don't get me wrong, these transactions are more than likely legitimate, I honestly have no idea what these transactions are about but I do find it highly suspicious that the City of South Miami would chose to do business with this tag agency when there are seven other tag agencies that are closer to the city, even worse one of those seven is within their own city limits!  

I guess it doesn't hurt that the city's police chief's wife owns this tag agency.  We're going to have to do a little more digging to find out what's going on...


  1. Ohh, wow!! Amazing!!

  2. Interesting!!I would love to know who benefits from our taxes.

  3. lol lol amazing this case is going on the right track oh yes in deed

  4. Con ke el HEROE de south miami. Hahaha tremendo viejo corrupto HIJO D LA GRANPUTA. Con esa cara k bueno va ser

  5. I've been to the Tag Agency at Bird and 58 Ave and they have done business with the Police Dept before. They even mentioned the name of a former Lt. in charge of the Police Fleet who would bringall Tag Payments to them...Hmmmm!!