Monday, March 12, 2012

The cat killer wants his pound of flesh!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  So you've been fucked by the cops?  Perhaps the state attorneys office had a hand in railroading you with trumped up bullshit charges as well that were later dismissed?  No one's more familiar with this scenario than Tyler Weinman who was wrongfully accused of killing and mutilating 19 cats throughout south Dade county.  Despite the untold amounts of money the state had spent with the 30 different "crime scenes", 200 different witnesses that were subpoened and two different homes that were "raided" in search of evidence, the state wasn't able to pin a single cat death on Mr. Weinman.  In fact after his family spent over six figures with attorneys and forensic experts, it was revealed that the cats in question were killed by large dogs.  In other words, the state's experts as well as the Miami Dade Police Department's detectives totally bungled this case, arrested an innocent kid and essentially ruined his life.  No matter what happens, Mr. Weinman will always be known as "THE CAT KILLER" and despite the state attorneys office dropping all the charges against him, there will always be those who believe that he was guilty.

Now what?  You're name and reputation have been ruined as a result of this witch hunt to find a scapegoat for the rash of cat killings, you were exonerated in the courts yet you'll have a permanent cloud around your head no matter where you go.  What's one to do?  While there's really no way of getting free of this mess the cops have created for you, what's the next best thing?  SUE EVERYONE OF COURSE!  While the news of Mr. Weinman suing the county of the botched investigation and subsequent arrest is nothing new, I was unable to find a copy of the actual lawsuit.  I was finally able to get a copy of the 57 page lawsuit last Friday, take a look for yourselves...

Tyler Weinman Lawsuit Against Miami Dade County

It's a great read, isn't it?  Now, for those of you who feel like you've been wrongfully arrested and charged by law enforcement, say for example our tellers from the Airways Auto Tag Agency case, doesn't this lawsuit speak directly to you?  Check out the damages as a result of the botched investigation and the subsequent bullshit arrest.  Didn't you guys suffer...

  • Severe mental anguish and distress?
  • Extreme humiliation and embarrassment?
  • Extraordinary legal expenses incurred in the defense of the unwarranted criminal prosecution and other legal expenses?
  • Unwarranted incarceration?
  • Loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life?
  • Psychological counseling expenses?
  • Loss of wages?

As the lawsuit goes on to state "these losses are permanent and continuing in nature and he will continue to suffer these damages and losses in the future".

Isn't it a shame that a bunch of amateur investigators and bullshit "experts" could go ahead and ruin someone's life?  The people that concluded that these cats were killed and mutilated by Mr. Weinman had no business coming to those conclusions, they were hardly qualified to give any kind of opinion, let alone one that was going to permanently and irreversibly alter the course of this poor kids life.  Sort of like our old friend, asshat expert mortgage fraud investigator Detective Jorge Baluja putting together a mortgage fraud case, does anyone remember how that went?  In case you've forgotten, let's refresh your recollection of Detective Baluja's grasp of the field of mortgage fraud...

Detective Baluja, what's a warranty deed?  

"Information on the person who is buying the house"

Ok, Detective, do you know what a promissory note is?

"I don't recall at this moment"

Alright then!  What's a Truth in Lending statement?

"It's a loan application"

Before we give up, does the detective know what Mortgage Fraud is?

"it's when people change numbers on forms"

Before someone get's bent out of shape and acuses me of picking on poor Detective Baluja, those are questions he was asked during a deposition in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case and those are his actual answers.  You can find the excerpts from those depos here and here. 

It's clear that the detective investigating the Cat Killer case had no business drawing any kind of expert conclusions regarding how these cats were killed, just as Detective Baluja had no business whatsoever being anywhere near a mortgage fraud case. Yet despite their obvious lack of understanding of the subject matter at hand, they are allowed to make nonsensical conclusions that ultimately end up destroying lives.  That's fucking bullshit.

Good luck to Mr. Weinman and his attorney, Ronald Guralnick, I pray that they walk away with a massive settlement and Mr. Weinman is able to put this mess behind him. 


  1. poor kid i feel for him and also for the teller but all this mistakes make other people rich and the city stays with no money i believe the cops that make this types of mistakes should be arrested and charged after all they should get fired...and why is baluja still on our god damn pay roll please fired his ass soon

  2. It's a shame how detectives get tunnel vision on a case and refuse to see the entire incident for what it is. The motivation that drives these incidents are often blind to the truth. Departments should be better trained in making life changing decisions. With budget cuts proper training in departmets will continue to suffer. The attorney Mr. Guralnick has a long history of fighting departments. He has a civil lawsuit case coming up for trial next month where a now up and comming attorney had a police officer falsely arrested. No one is immune from corruption and ignorance.

  3. Funny how the cats stopped dying as soon as this guy got picked up. Do dogs read the newspaper?

  4. Read the lawsuit the police forgot to tell everybody that they caught two large dogs roaming in the same area at the same time they arrested Tyler.

  5. No, cats do not read the newspaper. But corrupt police officers and their families yes.And I like that. Soon there will be plenty to read.

  6. Depend what kind of dog you are asking? Because i know some that knows how to read.

  7. So tomorrow on the fucking newspaper we will see a fucking Cuban jail are you for real how about we fucking put the story of the 3 tellers and those corrupted Cubans on the first god damn page . Miami and the new herald are full of shit What the hell do I care about the jails in Cuba if we don't care for our own in USA .... Really