Tuesday, June 12, 2012

City of Miami vs. North Korea, how much bullshit can we swallow?

If you're going to believe all the nonsense the citizens of Miami keep getting fed by the powers that be, you might as well believe this page out of a North Korean textbook...

Is it really that outrageous?  Think about it for a moment, what's more nonsensical, a magic hummingbird foretelling the birth of Kim Jong Il or our Mayor, Tomas Regalado, expecting us to believe that the ubiquitous gaming machines that litter every corner of Miami being used for nothing more than "amusement purposes"?  Or what's more believable, Kim Jong Il walking out of his mothers vagina six months premature or the Maquinita owners operating out in the open right in front of the police?!  

If that isn't enough, there's always Kim Jong Il's golf game, according to North Korean government, he was the best golfer the world has ever seen...
In 1994, Pyongyang media reported that Kim Jong-il shot an amazing 11 holes-in-one to achieve an unprecedented 38-under-par game on a regulation 18-hole golf course - on his first try at golf.

Reports say each of his 17 bodyguards verified the record-breaking feat.
Honestly, that sounds far more believable than the City of Miami sabotaging their own case when the maquinita owners sued to get their machines back, instead of paying for and submitting the expert witness's report to the court, they decided not to pay the expert for his report therefore dooming any chance they had at winning the case!

Now we come to my favorite part, political legitimacy...

Considering the amount of voter fraud that runs rampant through our community, what with the absentee ballot fraud, dead people voting, old people being swindled out of their votes, etc, does a 13 million to one landslide in a North Korean election really sound that crazy?  HARDLY!  The only part of this excerpt that seems slightly unbelievable is the part where lone dissenter was beaten to death by an angry mob using chickens, this scenario seems far more likely here in Miami.

Honestly, based on everything we've seen in the past few years alone, does anyone think that either of the Regalado political hacks have any more legitimacy than our deceased North Korean friend?

Seriously, while this North Korean history book is more than likely a joke, the state of affairs in our city isn't.  We've only touched upon a few outrageous facts about the recent goings on regarding our lovely city and the recent maquinita scandal, our friend Al Crespo delves deeper into the maquinita story on his blog today.

Tomorrow, we'll take a break from our City of Miami stories and see what's going on with the Airways Auto Tag Agency case.  Wouldn't it be interesting if there was some sort of link between the auto tag agency story, the City of South Miami and the maquinita's?

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  1. The connection is called organize crime!