Thursday, June 21, 2012

So what happened to the ethics investigation we initiated?

Joe Centorino
A while back after we stumbled upon the incestuous relationship between the City of South Miami and it's police chief's wife's business, we just happened to be over at the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission where we discussed how the city was doing business with an auto tag agency that was owned by the police chief's wife.  During my meeting with the head of the Ethics Commission, Joe Centorino, we were assured that they were going to look into the matter immediately and get to the bottom of what was going on.  

Although it's been several months since the investigation began, after repeated emails and phone calls, I was never able to get a definitive answer as to the status of the investigation.  The first problem with the investigation arose when I found out that the investigator assigned to the case was a personal friend and former colleague of the City of South Miami's city manager, Hector Mirabile.  So much for a fair investigation right?  After all, how could we expect anything other than a bullshit result when the investigator was in cahoots with the city manager who appointed the very police chief that was being investigated for wrong doing?  Regardless, about a month into the investigation, I received word that the investigator was removed from the case and a new one was assigned who hopefully didn't have any ties to the people that were at the center of the investigation.

With that said, I finally got word yesterday from the lead investigator on the case that indeed the case was still open and is going forward.  I take that with a grain of salt as I have no idea what the Ethics Commissions findings are to date regarding this matter.  If their past findings in similar cases are any indication, I wouldn't get my hopes up but at least we know that even if they don't find anything wrong with the city doing business with the police chief's wife's business, at least we're beginning to peel back the layers of previously unreported graft and corruption and expose those involved.

Now on another note, I'm sure most of you are aware of the hotly contested race for the Miami Dade State Attorneys Office between incumbent Kathy Rundle and her challenger Rod Vereen.  The Miami Herald conducted an informal debate between the two candidates the other day, while I can't embed the video, take a look at this link that takes you to the Herald page with the video.  The video is worth watching, if nothing else for the subtle jabs that the two candidates take at each other.

Now, on to more serious business, our Miami Heat are one win away from winning the NBA finals, it's going to be a long night tonight.  With that said, GO HEAT!

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