Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's been tough couple of weeks, overloaded with work, NBA finals destroying my schedule, all in all not too much time to dedicate to our humble blog.  With that said, where are we at?  We've covered the "maquinita" story to the point of exhaustion, so lets take a break for a few days and follow up on some of our other stories.

Everyone remember the Airways Auto Tag story?  In case you've forgotten, that's the case where three employees from a tag agency owned by the City of South Miami's police chief's wife were arrested for allegedly stealing tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars from the tiny tag agency located near Hialeah.  Our investigation into the story led to us uncovering the City of South Miami doing business with the Chief's wife's tag agency which just happened to be against the city's code of ethics ultimately leading to an ethics investigation into the city's incesttual relationship with the chief's wife's tag agency.  So what's happened to the three girls since they got arrested last year?  How about that ethics investigation into how the City of South Miami ended up doing business with the Chief's wife?

We're going to follow up tomorrow and I promise, we're going to destroy the case against the innocent tellers that were railroaded by a corrupt, moronic detective and a lying business owner.

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