Friday, August 23, 2013

Spanish language TV picks up the Maquinita story...

Or at least I think they did?!  I don't speak or understand Spanish, nor am I able to get the video where channel 41 allegedly discusses the maquinitas that are being found all around town to play on line.  Here's the video embeddedm the discussion starts at around the 17:00 mark...

Video streaming by Ustream

And here's the link to the story just in case the embedded video doesn't show up.  

Ironically the commercials before the video worked just fine for me but the actual video where they discuss the maquinitas refused to work for me for the first few tries, by the third time it worked.  The best part though comes at the 18:43 mark where a cop shows up where the TV crew is filming and looks dumbfounded when the reporter asks him about the illegal gaming machines inside the restaurant...

If I'm not mistaken, I think the cop actually tells the reporter that the machines are legal in Hialeah!

That's enough for now, it's Friday, we'll pick up where we left off next week.


  1. Where's the herald? Wfor? Wsvn? DeFede? New times?

  2. Just wait a damned second.. Who is to police the police? is it the FDLE? Is it the FBI? Why is it that a city can tell the state of Florida to basically: stick it up your ass? Your laws might apply to the rest of the state but we are our own country. It seems to me after reading your posts and the herald that the police department actually got busted here. They changed their stance? The police said they have received numerous complaints? Someone should request them by way of public records? If a crime was committed or reported why was it not investigated? UH OH.. I smell a cover up. These machine owners donated to campaigns of the mayor? Are you fucking kidding me? Really? Some law enforcement agency better be jumping all over this shit!
    That dump of a city needs to be taken over by the feds and reset. I wonder how the Governor feels about his little Hispanic nest egg telling him to screw off now?

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