Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Busy moving...

Several of our readers have checked in over the last week to see why I haven't been posting.  I neglected to mention that I'm in the process of moving my shipyard to a new location and have been working 16 hour days during the move which unfortunately leaves me no time to write.  If all goes to plan though, we should be finished moving by midweek and will hopefully get back to following up on the stories we've been working on.

With that said, today is the run off election for the contentious race for the City of Miami district five commission seat between Keon Hardemon and Richard Dunn.  Considering the ass whopping that Reverend Dunn got on the general election, a reasonable person would conclude that the outcome is a foregone conclusion.  We'll see what happens later this evening.


  1. Tell us about this mishap

  2. Keon will continue the Spence-Jones tradition of suspicion and investigation. Barbara Hardimon and her unregistered "clients"? Lobbying? Hiring of the commish's "close friends"?