Monday, November 4, 2013

The Miami Herald examines the subject of Reverend Dunn's tardy campaign finance reports.

Chuck Rabin of the Miami Herald uncovered a nasty scheme where the Dunn campaign manipulated the U.S. postal system's self service kiosks to produce postmarked stamps for their campaign finance reports that they later mailed several days after the postmark was issued.  From the article...
The report was due at the city clerk’s office Oct. 4, but arrived Oct. 24, city records show. Still, Miami Elections Coordinator Dwight Danie accepted it as on time after seeing a postmark on the 1-Day Priority Mail envelope dated Oct. 4. The Dunn campaign told Danie it had mailed the report on Oct. 4 but it had gotten tied up in the mail. 
The timing is important because state law says a campaign may be fined $500 for each day a finance report is late.
That's a great scam, since they purchased a stamp that's postmarked the day before the report is due, the Dunn campaign could take their time preparing the reports, turn them in late then blame it all on the post office and get away without paying a fine!
Also on Friday, U.S. Postal Inspector Tracy Schaeffer said there is evidence the report due Oct. 4 did not enter the mail system until Oct. 22. Schaeffer said the postal service began looking into the matter this week after a group of citizens approached one of his officers. 
Schaeffer said video taken at the post office’s General Mail Facility at 2200 NW 72nd Ave. shows someone purchasing a pre-paid postage label for 1-Day mail with a scanning code on it at 6:08 p.m. Oct. 4, stuffing it in an envelope, then leaving without mailing it. That date and time correspond with a tracking report of the purchase of the pre-paid envelope by the Dunn campaign that was made available by the postal service. The post office, Schaeffer said, has no record of the envelope with the tracking number being scanned — which Schaeffer said happens when the mail officially enters the system — until 18 days later, on Oct. 22.

Nice!  My sources tell me that the "someone" seen purchasing the pre-paid postage label at the post office and then stuffing it in an envelope without mailing it was none other than Reverend Dunn himself, clearly visible, wearing a blue suit.  What's most interesting though about this development is what the postal inspector told one of my friends when asked why they weren't jumping all over Reverend Dunn's shit in light of the incontrovertible proof of what seems to be several federal laws broken by this manipulation of the postal system.  The postal inspectors response was that they weren't going to do anything before the election because they didn't wan't to influence the results of the election by bringing charges against Dunn!

WTF?!  So what, they're going to wait till after the election to charge the guy if indeed he did break a handful of federal laws?  What if, god forbid, the guy gets elected?!  They're going to charge him then?  Regardless of the postal police's stance on this situation, their attitude is in stark contrast to local police and our state attorneys office who routinely charge and arrest local politicians that are on their shitlist on the eve of an election.  So much for not wanting to interfere with elections!

On another note, some of you may have heard about the offices of North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau getting raided last week in furtherance of an absentee ballot fraud investigation, from the Herald article...
Prosecutors working with Miami-Dade and Miami Beach police and the county inspector general’s office executed a search warrant early Friday at the North Miami office of Tondreau and Associates, the mayor’s public-affairs consulting company. An Internet Protocol computer address that was used to submit the suspect requests was apparently traced to Tondreau’s office. 
“This was a lead we received and needed to look into,” said Ed Griffith, a spokesman for State Attorney Katherine Fern├índez Rundle. The tip came into her absentee-ballot fraud task force, he added.

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Nice!  The article goes on to say...
The search warrant for computers and other electronic equipment also allowed law enforcement to seize any campaign, financial or address-book records related to Tondreau, her mayoral campaign and Nacivre Charles, her campaign treasurer. In 2011, he was also listed as her firm’s vice president. 
Charles, who goes by “Charlie,” was arrested Friday on charges of driving with a suspended license, according to the state attorney’s office. It’s unclear if that arrest was related to the search of Tondreau’s business. Calls to Charles went directly to a voice mailbox that was full.

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What the article doesn't mention is what at least two of my "sources" have told me which is that when Mr. Charles was arrested, he was in possession of several absentee ballots which is clearly against the law.  While the arrest for the suspended license is bullshit, it's simply an excuse for holding Mr. Charles until further charges are filed against him relating to the absentee ballot investigation.  BUT GUESS WHAT?!  Mr Charles isn't just busy playing politics over at the City of North Miami, guess who's been busy running Reverend Dunn's Haitian outreach for his campaign for the district 5 commission seat?  You guessed it, none other than North Miami's Mayor, Lucie Tondreau's recently arrested Nacivre Charles or as the Dunn Campaign spells it, Naiciure Charles!  Take a look at Reverend Dunn's most recent campaign report on page two and you'll find a $5,000 cashiers check made out to Mr. Charles on September 30th...

LOL!  I wonder how many absentee ballots five grand buys you?  Even better, do you think the folks from the state attorneys office are going to be raiding Reverend Dunn's campaign offices any time soon for evidence of Mr. Charles's misdeeds?!  Don't hold your breath!

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