Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The kind of emails I keep getting. Just what does it take for the feds to react?

Time and time again, I constantly get emails like this one regarding people or businesses that I've written about in the past, in this instance it's about the title company, Red Door Title, that we've written about ad nauseum...
Are you still investigating Ana Amador? She "sold" a property to my aunt 3 yrs ago--even got title from the county and my aunt's name appeared on county records as the rightful owner. It was a cash transaction. Ana never paid the mortgages and the bank came and foreclosed on the property. I threatened to have her prosecuted and gave her a deadline to return the funds, which she did. I found out later she did this to other people. This woman should be behind bars.
No kidding?  Sort of sounds like this email from last May...
we have been defrauded by Ana Amador and Red door title on several transactions. She is still out there behind closed doors. Seems no on e can serve her papers and she is in foreclosure on her place of business which keeps the doors locked. She needs to go to jail. Just a few cases we encountered. She was flipping homes with our lender money and she was taking the escrow money for insurance, title policies, taxes and not disbuirsing it and paying the appropriate agencies. She was issuing false title insurance from a company she was not affiliated with. The result no title policies.
Even this story sounds similar to this one...
My friends from Europe bought a condo last spring and Red Door in Doral handled the closing. Every piece was fraudulent, no title insurance was purchased. Ana Amador is the owner, that name is an allius. She is the bad girl you wrote about.
There was no payoff made to the bank, the property is going to foreclosure, these kids look to be out 70000$ and they don't know where to turn.
These are just a few of the dozens of emails and comments I've gotten over the last few years regarding this woman and her title agency.  Mind you, the people that have written these notes are only writing me after having contacted law enforcement again and again with no results.  We're talking what could amount to millions of dollars worth of fraud here yet neither the feds, local cops or county cops have lifted a finger to investigate or god forbid, arrest!  Over the course of the life of our blog, we've written about several instances were people have been indicted for simply misstating their income on a mortgage application, yet according to what we've seen and the emails our readers have sent us, this woman has run amok for nearly five years without any consequences.  

The question that begs to be asked though is how the hell can this happen?  How many people have to be fleeced out of their life savings before someone does something?  How many banks have to lose small fortunes as a result of the alleged frauds this woman is pulling?  For fucks sake, the woman has her own real estate radio show!  Can you get an easier target than that?


  1. Yo, Willy, you listening? This one's yours.

  2. It's good to be a Cuban in Miami, bureaucracy, cops, judges and all your fellows on your side, you are part of an ultra exclusive club and a major formidable (absentee) voting block and if your are not part of the club then you are just a serf.

  3. Is she a relative of Juan Amador Rodriguez?

  4. Liebman should be have been censured for endorsing a candidate during a Commission meeting