Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ho, ho, NO!

Our friend and fellow blogger Al Crespo did a bang up job as usual covering our state attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle's yearly SAO christmas party.  Al even went through the trouble of getting a copy of the invite list.  At first glance it doesn't seem like much, a proverbial who's who of the politicians, judges, cops, prominant lawyers, etc of Miami Dade county.  Take a look at the list here:

One of our readers pointed out that upon closer examination, you'll realize that Ms. Rundle has invited certain Mayor's from Miami Dade's various cities, but not others.  Most notably, among the mayors of Coral Gables, Doral, etc, Ms Rundle had invited federally indicted former mayor of the City of Sweetwater, Manny Marono as outlined in red...

On the other hand, Ms. Rundle had invited various members of the law enforcement community, both current and past, for example, she's invited the former chief of police of the City of Sweetwater, Roberto Fulgueira...

No problem there, but it's interesting to note that she's invited former Sweetwater police chief Fulgueira yet somehow she's forgotten to invite former City of South Miami police chief and alleged family friend Orlando Martinez de Castro?  Whatever.

Interesting, perhaps it's nothing more than a simple mistake by a lowly assistant who simply cut and paste last years party invite list, or maybe not!  With that said folks, have a happy holiday, till next time, be safe.


  1. Mike, she did invite OMC, and what's more looney is she invited Stoddard to be at the same party. Was Southland invited to courtesy tow any partygoers that got too inebriated ? I'm sure they must have, knowing OMC's proclivity for having Southland tow cars from South Miami's many yearly DUI checkpoints, staffed with a contingent of Sweetwater cops !

  2. To her Christmas party, Kathy invited these:
    Three indicted mayors,
    Two dirty ex-police chiefs,
    Andre (ex-mayor) in a Pierre tree.

    [ Maroño, Pizzi, Bateman; Fulgueira, Martinez de Castro]

  3. Mike, is ex chief of police then how is he access the email from cityofsweetwater.fl.gov - as he is removed from his job, he would also loose his ability and entitlement to that email??? or has sweetwater allowed him to retain access. That should be disable in the Sweetwater AD for access and protection??

  4. Southland provided valet parking services. By now the cars and their parts are in some island nation.

  5. Sunday Herald Article on Southland in Sweetwater. Sweetwater Police Chief Jesus Menocal: "We don't want to steal people's cars, confiscate their titles, or receive money from that (Southland) company". THE POLICE CHIEF IS USING THE WORD "STEAL" ! Now the Feds should dig deeper.

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