Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peeling back the layers of the onion...

As you can deduce from my infrequent posting lately, I've had my hands full with non blog related business.  In between juggling the responsibilities of real life, I've still managed to get my hands on some documents that show the incestuous relationship between the City of Sweetwater which as of late is constantly been in the news because of it's Mayor's arrest and the way the mayor's administration and family ran the city like a "criminal enterprise".  With that said, we've heard for years about Sweetwater's relationship with the City of South Miami's former police chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro, while we haven't found a smoking gun yet, we recently came upon a few documents that show just how tight they were.

Take a look at this letter from former Sweetwater mayor and now sitting county commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz to the then city manager of South Miami, Charles Scurr, where Diaz asks if the city has any police cars they can give to Sweetwater allegedly for "parts" to fix their ailing fleet of police cars...

That's all well and good, take a look at the date this request was written and faxed over by the mayor of Sweetwater...

The letter was written on January 6, 2000 and then somehow, just the day before, Orlando Martinez de Castro who was then the deputy director of Public Works for South Miami, just happened to send South Miami's city manager this list of "deadlined" vehicles...

What a coincidence?  Sweetwater needs some cars and it just so happens that the day before the request, Martinez de Castro furnishes South Miami with a list of cars that are just laying around?  Check the date...

I guess South Miami was so flush with funds that they could afford to give away cars?  NICE!  It's convenient that the city that they gave the cars away to for free is non other than the city of Sweetwater which gave de Castro a job in their police department after he was run out of the City of Miami PD on a rail.

I wonder where these cars that were gifted to Sweetwater ended up?


  1. When this deal went down, Martinez de Castro was working in South Miami Public Works Dept and the Sweetwater PD at the same time.

  2. I want to make LOVE to Lindsey Lohan, someone make LOVE to Mr. Castro please.

  3. Straw Buyer,

    You need to also look at the City of Miami for the same scheme. Back in 2010, Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Gort were trying to donate Police cruisers to the City of Sweetwater. The former Purchasing Director objected to the donation and recommended that these vehicles be publicly auctioned off and if the City of Sweetwater were so interested they could do by participating and acquiring it through a competitive process. At that time, then City Manager Carlos Migoya publicly attacked the former Purchasing Director during the City Commission Meeting held on 2/25/10. If you get the minutes, you will see for yourself. They got rid of the Purchasing Director because he was too honest and ethical. This has been an on-going scheme of vehicles being donated and then sold for profit. Get the minutes and see for yourself.


    North Observer