Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How many jobs do you have? Introducing the busiest man in the MDPD...

That's right, how many jobs do you have?  For most of us the answer is just one, after all with all the other responsibilities that we have in day to day life, who the hell could imagine having more than one full time job?  There are some out there though that can handle more than one job, years ago I met a guy that worked at two different Subway sandwich shops, one during the day, another at night and then when he was done, he worked as a toll collector on the Florida Turnpike!  Not for us, thanks!  Sort of reminds me of that skit from that old TV show...

So what's this got to do with our tales of mortgage fraud?  Yesterday we discussed Sergeant Richard Davis again, a distinguished member of the Miami Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task Force, according to at least one of our readers, he may have even been responsible for the formation of the task force...

Jennifer said...
"Creator and Head of the MDPD Mortgage Fraud Task Force"! Research a little further and you'd discover that Mr. Theobald didn't know anything about Mortgage Fraud until he "stole" the brain works of mortgage fraud from its true Creator, Sgt. Richard Davis formerly "creator and head" of the Mortgage Fraud Task Force; that was until Mr. Theobald stole that position from him as well. I concur with a prior commentor; "Karma is a bitch."

For what it's worth, we haven't been able to confirm Jennifer's statement, but it does warrant further investigation.  So what's all this got to do with our story?  Yesterday we met Sgt. Richard Davis and learned that he wore many hats in the MDPD, not only does he investigate mortgage frauds but he also trains new detectives on the mortgage fraud task force and he's a member of the Task Forces board as well.  That's a lot of hats for one man to wear but that's not all, see Sgt. Davis does much more than just train detectives and investigate bad guys, he's also a real estate broker, mortgage broker, financial planner, tax preparer and maybe even a closing agent!  That's one busy man!  Let's take a look at his bio...
Richard Davis (President) as a student at the University of Miami working towards a degree in Accounting & Business Administration.  
Uh, ok.
He began his first company after realizing that his friends and associates were in need of income assistance. Accounting, Taxes, Etc. was incorporated in 1975.  His business began to grow as the needs of his young clients progressed, and they were now in the market to purchase their first home. As a result, Richard began selling real estate to accommodate the needs of his clients. He accomplished this while maintaining full employment with Caterpillar Tractor Company.
Richard remained working for Caterpillar Tractor Company for 11 years, then moved on to become a police officer with the Miami-Dade Police department.  He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant. Because of his passion for real estate and financial matter, Richard has spent seventeen of his twenty years on the police department in the Economic Crimes Bureau supervising investigations related to mortgage frauds, embezzlement, and financial schemes to defraud.
Sounds good, he's certainly got the experience necessary for the job.
Today, what began as a simple tax business has grown into a full service financial company offering financial planning, mortgages broker services, real estate service and federal income tax preparation.
A full service financial company and a Sgt with the MDPD simultaneously?  How do you juggle all that responsibility?  That's got to get you thinking.  Let's take a look at the responsibilities that Sgt Davis has:
  1. MDPD Sergeant on the mortgage fraud task force who investigates financial fraud.
  2. MDPD Sergeant who trains new mortgage fraud investigators.
  3. MDPD Sergeant who is a member of the mortgage fraud task forces board
  4. Mortgage Broker
  5. Financial planner
  6. Real Estate agent
  7. Accountant
That's seven jobs that we know of folks!  He's got the Subway/Turnpike toll collector guy beat by a landslide!  DAMN!  Like we said, Sgt. Davis must be the busiest man on the MDPD.  We're gonna have to take a closer look.  Till tomorrow...


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