Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome to TWO YEARS AGO!

Last week we discussed Sgt Richard Davis of the Miami Dade Mortgage fraud task force and were perplexed by how he could juggle at least seven other jobs while working for the MDPD.  We learned that Sgt Davis was in charge of educating the new mortgage fraud detectives on the task force (nice work as evidenced by Detective Jorge Baluja) and that he was the Sgt in charge of a squad that consisted of nobody but himself.  Now, come to find out that Sgt. Davis was taken off the task force back in March of 2008!  WTF?  Wasn't he the most highly trained member of the task force in the areas of real estate and mortgages?  Let's go to the March 20, 2008 Daily Business Review article that discusses Sgt. Davis and his departure from the Task Force...
"Sgt Davis said he was preparing to retire and was going to concentrate on his financial services and real estate businesses."
Oh, ok.  So now after all these years he's going to concentrate on the other business.  This part is most interesting:
"A source speaking on condition of anonymity said Davis has been criticized by some task force members for not devoting enough time to task force work."
We can only imagine!  How could you, especially during tax season?
"Davis, a mortgage broker, at one time was the department's key fraud investigator in the economic crimes division..."
Considering the stellar performance of the people like Detective Baluja, perhaps the citizens of Miami Dade county were better off with only one investigator!  The article goes on to say...
""The citizens of Miami-Dade County deserve a 100 percent attention to a crime that is affecting our communities and tax base to a degree I've never seen in my 30 year career in real estate," said Nancy Hogan, who manages a Coldwell Banker office in Coral Gables.  She is a former chairman of the Florida Real Estate Commission and chair of the task forces education committee."
Are we reading that correctly?  Is Nancy Hogan saying that perhaps Sgt. Davis wasn't giving 100% of his attention to his day job with the PD?  Nah, we must have misunderstood but we really are warming up to this Mrs. Hogan!  

Leave it to former MDPD Chief legal counsel and the Chairman of the Mortgage Fraud Task Force, Glenn Theobald, to give us the icing on the fail cake...
"Glenn Theobald, legal counsel to Miami-Dade Police Department and chairman of the fraud task force, said Davis' position on the task force had grown awkward because he often had to direct higher ranking officers."
BRILLIANT!  Davis as an expert in the field of Real Estate and Mortgage had to direct higher ranking officers that perhaps didn't know as much as he did about the subject and that's a problem?!  So he knows more than the higher ranking guys, how do we fix that in Miami Dade county?  WE GET RID OF HIM!

Who knows, maybe if Sgt. Davis was still there the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case may have never happened but then we wouldn't have anything to write about on our blog!


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