Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Does the MDPD really want experienced investigators?

We all remember when Detective Jorge Baluja showed the world just how much he knew about Real Estate and the mortgage biz right?  In fact he was so well versed in these topics that the pride and joy of the Miami Dade Mortgage Fraud Task Force couldn't even execute his own mortgage correctly!  Surely this guy becoming a Detective in the task force must have been some sort of mistake, perhaps a favor for a relative that's well connected in the police force, maybe even friends with someone in the command staff.  No matter though, we're sure that the task force is always on the look out for good cops with lots of real estate and mortgage experience, Detective Baluja's incompetence must be the exception, not the rule, right?  We'd buy that if not for the following comment we received on one of our other posts, take a look for yourself...
"I'm glad some of these corrupt brass asses are getting in trouble. It's about time the pendulum swing back to those who are really at fault instead of the rank and file trying to just to a job.  I wanted to work in the Mortgage Fraud Unit. I hold a real estate and mortgage brokers license and at one point I ran my own mortgage business but when I spoke to Lt Cynthia Mechanic about working for her, she was very optimistic in our first and only conversation which was face to face. She then refused to return my calls. This was at a time when she was expanding the unit by three-fold and had a few immediate openings. I guess I was just too big and white for her and the other supervisors there. I don't know for certain but I could imagine that with 34 years in policing, OCB background, supervisory experience, halfway through law school, and still the productivity of the energy bunny, I'd say my qualifications out shined most if not all those working there."
Jeeze!  Wouldn't this guy be the ideal mortgage fraud investigator?  How the hell could you turn him down?!  WTF?!  They turned this guy down and instead we get Jorge?!  HUH?!  Slightly off topic, he goes on to say... 
"I hope all the corrupt brass get it right where the sun don't shine. As far as Mayor Alvarez goes.....he can suck my night stick. I can only imagine what kind of corrupt deal was made to prevent anyone from running against him for a second term. For those of you who don't know, Jimmy Morales opposed Alvarez the first time. He graduated Harvard Law School at the top of his class. He served this community many years "honestly". Alvarez won due to morons being bussed to the poles and there were probably a few other reasons or rather organizations that got him and continue to keep him in office. When you work with corruptible influences, you eventually show your own corruption. When will someone be able to expose this guy?"
OK!  We don't know enough about the second part to really comment, but the first part should have you all REALLY pissed.  Let's look at the commentors qualifications as he states them:
  • Real Estate brokers license
  • Mortgage brokers license
  • Owned his own mortgage broker business
  • 34 years on the police force
  • OCB experience (organized crime?)
  • Supervisory experience
  • Law student
Could you ask for a better mortgage fraud investigator?  Seems to us that this guy would be a tremendous asset to the task force, RE Broker, mortgage broker, experienced cop and almost a lawyer!  What the hell else do you need?!  What do we get instead?  Jorge "the brain" Baluja!


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