Friday, May 14, 2010

You ever feel like you're being lied to again and again?

You know the feeling, like someone taking you for a chump and feeding you a line of $hit.  Whether it's Bernardo Barrera lying his ass off about his involvement in the mortgage fraud, Detective Baluja and ASA Bill Kostrzewski putting together a bull$hit backward case while letting the real criminals go,  the media doing a $hit ass job of reporting it or the Mortgage Fraud Task force with all its fantastic press releases and sound bites.  All bull$hit, a less than stellar dog and pony show who's sole purpose is to generate more federal funding for the MDPD.

It's Friday, so in an effort to keep things short and slightly entertaining, let's get Malcolm X (sort of) to give us his opinion on these matters...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Got it 1:49, I knew about that guys side business. I have him on record saying some very, very embarassing things.

  2. 1:49, please create a fake email address so we can communicate in a more productive and less time consuming fashion. They're deleting everything I put up.