Thursday, May 5, 2011

Federally indicted City of Miami firefighter Thomas Thelusma claims he's indigent...


City of Miami veteran firefighter Thomas Thelusma who was recently indicted in a multi million dollar mortgage fraud scheme can't afford to defend himself!  Can you believe it?  From the Websters dictionary definition of "indigent"...

1 : suffering from extreme poverty : impoverished

2 a archaic : deficient b archaic : totally lacking in something specified
indigent noun
Suffering from extreme poverty, therefore lacking the money to pay for his defense?  Take a look at the motion before the court...

Thomas Thelusma is Indigent

So according to Mr. Thelusma he doesn't have the money to pay for his legal defense, let's take this into perspective for a moment, according to the Miami Herald's City of Miami employee salary data base, Mr Thelusma has collected $69,447.32 in base salary in 2011 ALONE!  Now, factor in what he must be taking in from his Pain Clinic operation plus the alleged ill gotten gains from his foray into mortgage fraud. Considering the potential income Mr. Thelusma must have, how the hell can he claim he's indigent?  As if that wasn't bad enough, look where Mr. Thelusma got the 10% for his bond...

That's right, Mr. Thelusma's 10% for his bond came from his church! He must be so down and out that he had to go to the church for his bail money! Nothing wrong with that, not to mention another argument for not being an atheist I guess...

There you have it folks, another public servant who gets in big trouble for business he was conducting while off duty only to stick his hand out to the taxpayers to foot the bill for his defense. Fantastic.


  1. Records are up-to-date through the final quarter of 2007.

  2. Dear Mr. "Anonymous, StrawBuying Fucker":

    Stop hiding behind your bogus articles. My personal friend Thomas is innocent until proven guilty. You don't even have the correct facts behind your storytelling. It's folks like you that take interest in attempting to bring peoples' spirit down, but WE believe in a higher POWER and when everything is all said and done, Do Make Sure To Publish A Photo of an Egg being placed up your ASS for all of Jokes you thought would bring my dear friend down.



  3. 12:20, thanks for the comment. We strongly believe in the presumption of innocence and if indeed your "friend" is innocent then he'll be vindicated in trial. In the mean time, I hope the pain management clinic is working out for him cause being indigent is ROUGH!

  4. This fire union member makes $170,000 per year? And he owns a Pain Clinic?

    Does he know indicted Miami fire employee Veldora Arthur?

  5. He was promoted to lieutenant while on paid leave for being indicted .this man was also involved in a stripper bar incident while on duty where the lieutenant was actually they promote him ?