Monday, May 23, 2011

We're banned!


That's right, according to what our friend Al Crespo tells us, several local blogs as well as our humble blog has been banned from City of Miami Computers!  From what Al tells us, the following blogs have been blocked by the City of Miami IT department...

Investigation Miami
Take Back Miami
The Straw Buyer
Miami New Times
Coconut Grove Grapevine
Watchdog Report
Political Cortadito

It's an honor to be included in that list of blogs.  From what we're told all but a few high ranking City of Miami employees and commissioners have been blocked from viewing the blogs listed above since about two weeks ago.  As Mr. Crespo states, this really isn't going to stop city employees from reading the banned blogs since most everyone does so with a smart phone these days.  What I'm really surprised at though is the fact that only the upper echelon of city employees is able to read the banned blogs, that really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling as our blog gets dozens of visits on a daily basis from the following IP address...

Anyone want to guess whose IP address that is?


  1. Al, coming up. I'm just waiting to confirm some facts.

  2. As much as I support these blogs, I have no problem with banning sites from a business that have nothing to do with that business. Employees should spend their time only doing that which they are paid to do.
    What I find interesting is that they have not banned other blogs that waste employees' time, like the Daily Candyies of this world, which tells me they be running scared.

    All they will accomplish is getting more people to come on these blogs, and get the dirt.
    Stupid unprofessional move on their part. They would have looked far better if they would have taken the business approach of only permitting sites that aid the business of the city - and banning all other more "entertaining" sites.

  3. i love this blog. internet just allows us to express the 1st admendment freedom of speach. dont do things wrong and you wont be on here.

  4. I love this Blog !!!!