Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The "House of Lies", what happened to crooked developer Oscar Rivero?

Does everyone remember the Miami Herald's Pulitzer Prize winning series "The House of Lies"?  One of the subjects of the series was none other than dirty developer Oscar Rivero, the man who was given millions of dollars from the government to build low income housing yet somehow ended up building nothing more than a mansion for himself in South Miami.

So what happened to Mr. Rivero?  He cut a deal with the state to serve two years but at the sentencing hearing Circuit Court Judge Ellen Venzer decided to slam him with a ten year sentence, from the Herald article...
“... actually sentenced Rivero to 10 years in prison, a sentence she will reduce when he surrenders for prison on June 6 -- after he spends the next month giving information to investigators.”
A ten year sentence that was going to be reduced after significant cooperation against other corrupt individuals in local government.  So here we are nearly four years later, where's everyone at?  Mr. Rivero was released from prison last year and we're now told that he's working at the Biltmore hotel.

What about all those high profile arrests that were supposed come down the pike?  It's been years and I can't seem to remember anything happening.  Everyone was waiting with bated breath for political insider Oscar Rivero who knew where all the bodies were buried to bring the house down, yet night after night, no perp walks on the news.  Nothing.  I guess the best advice for those of us waiting for the state to act against the dirty politicians and political insiders caught red handed is don't hold your breath!


  1. The best part? The statute of limitation on any case he could have given them has already run.

  2. “...Scruggs said he was prepared to file additional charges against Rivero for his role in other deals, but agreed not to arrest Rivero in those cases -- which Scruggs declined to describe in detail -- as long as Rivero agreed to cooperate as a witness.”

    So much for that!

  3. Do not forget tht this was Art Noriega's asshole buddy, and the former Chairman of the Miami Parking Authority, and Art's companion in many a junket.

  4. Exactly not to mention a permanent fixture in Barbara Carey-Schulers office. Where's the beef??

  5. Don't forget the judges presently in the Miami Dade Syatem make Operation Courtbroom look like a daywith the girlscouts. Not all but most of THEM don't pass the smell test.

  6. 6 years later, where is he?