Monday, September 12, 2011

As the jury continues to deliberate in the Plantation cops mortgage fraud trial, consider what the government doesn't want them to know about.


Here we are after the first full day of jury deliberations for the second phase of the Plantation cops mortgage fraud trial, I'm beginning to get a weird feeling.  See, last Friday the Sun Sentinel published a story regarding the some of the officers from the first phase of the trial, check the headline...

WTF with the timing of this story?  The story is about the cops from the first part of the case, two of them were found guilty and two were acquitted, the two that got acquitted got their jobs back and the back pay and benefits they were entitled to.  Really?  How's this news?  We covered this story almost a month ago!  Why is this news now?  My assumption is that this story was planted by the government over the weekend in order to in some way shape or form influence the jury that was about to render judgement against the remaining defendants.  Dirty trick?  No doubt as it's damn near impossible to get a juror to crawl under a rock and ignore what's in the media regarding a case their deliberating.  

Assuming the intent of this story was to in some way to influence the jurors, maybe we can do a bit of the same?  See the government fought tooth and nail to keep a ton of favorable information from the jurors that could have helped the defense.  Let's take a quick run down of just some of the facts the jurors didn't get to hear...

Defendant Joseph Guaracino cooperated fully with the FBI and FDLE years before there was even an indictment including but not limited to handing over every single shred of documentation regarding all the properties that he ever bought and sold.  Does this seem like the actions of a guilty man?

The government continually insinuated that the defendants tax returns were bogus, yet throughout the trial they were never able to prove the allegations.
The nearly four months of trial were continually peppered with allegations of inflated appraisals for the homes in question, why wasn't this ever proven in court?  Why didn't a single "expert witness" come forward and prove that the appraisals were bogus?

The defendants voluntarily took polygraph tests and passed, why weren't the results allowed in for the jury to consider?

How about handwriting exemplars which proved the defendants on trial didn't forge anything but again the jury wasn't allowed to hear about it.

There were several recordings where the brokers at the center of this mess admitted to forging hundreds if not thousands of documents throughout there careers, yet again the jury wasn't allowed to hear about it.

Most importantly though, why wasn't the jury allowed to hear about the lender negligence, especially when the federal government went ahead and sued all the big lenders for their role in the real estate meltdown that subsequently brought our economy if not the worlds economy to it's knees?

I have no idea how this is going to pan out for the defendants on trial, I just can't seem to understand how the jury can render a verdict when they weren't allowed to hear evidence that in my opinion was crucial to the defense.  We'll have to wait and see, we could have a verdict as early as tomorrow... 


  1. How is this happening? How is the very government that is suppose to protect us, the ones being untruthful through lack of thoroughness? If what the government was accusing the defendants with, was proven time and time again, why were prosecutors allowed to continue? How could we have spent such an absorbent amount of money on a case that should have never occurred—where is the responsibility there? Where is the checks-and-balance?

    If the government had a truthful, strong case, they wouldn’t have to fight for so much not to be admissible. If it’s true- it’s true. If you have evidence, it should all be exposed. How are you seeking the truth, if the full story is never told? Our prayers are with the families that have been put through this hell, and we pray the judge and the jury see through the political muck

  2. Why does the Government fight so hard to win,
    Despite the evidence? Egg on there face from the first trial loss!

    It is suppose to be a fair and impartial process, I guess that just sounds good on paper!

  3. Hum.... Is there someone in the AUSA's office that received some sort of promotion in the last few years? Operation Copout was sure to make news, even at the expense of destroying innocent peoples lives.

  4. Our government.. Wow, I am at a loss of words :(

  5. Any updates on Veldora's case?

  6. Joe & his brother are guilty guilty guilty. Joe is a VERY shady and VERY untruthful person. He will lie to get anything he wants, he doesn't care how he has to do it.

  7. 1:49-

    Do your research and reread this blog entry and the many others before. You have Joe and Dennis confused with the government. The Guaracino brothers have told the truth the whole time and NEVER hid from it. The government on the other hand, has done the exact opposite and hid numerous amounts of information and truth from the jury, but they can't hide the truth forever. I pray you and your family NEVER have to go through something like this.

    Jealously is a disease 1:49, and I hope you and the government get well soon.

    In closing, here is beautiful poem by Mother Teresa titled Do it Anyway:

    People are often unreasonable,
    illogical and self-centered;
    Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind,
    people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives;
    Be kind anyway.

    If you are successful,
    you will win some false friends and true enemies;
    Succeed anyway.

    If you are honest and frank,
    people may cheat you;
    Be honest anyway.

    What you spend years building,
    someone could destroy overnight;
    Build anyway.

    If you find serenity and happiness,
    they may be jealous;
    Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today,
    people will often forget tomorrow;
    Do good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have,
    and it may never be enough;
    Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

    You see, in the final analysis,
    it is between you and God;
    It was never between you and them anyway.

  8. I wish things that were being said here could have been read by the jury, then they would know the truth about our government-what low life they really are-but I never knew about this site-until I went thru the first trial-someone should be as dirty as the government, and post this in the paper, play as dirty as our government-they are soul-less-But God is watching !!

  9. I never knew about this site, until I went thru the first trail, someone should be as dirty as our government, and post this in the paper-they are soul-less--God is watching !

  10. What's with the religious stuff? Stick to the trial.

    Either way, you all think there is this huge government cover up. But do any of you actually know Joe and what he is really capable of??? If you did then you would know that he is guilty and he has been involved in illegal activity for a long time; whether within the police department itself, or mortgages. You don't get fired from the PD for stealing (among other reasons) without good reason - it's because he was stealing. From his own job/City.

    Joe has a screw lose as to where he will do anything to gain what he wants and push whatever stands in his way out of the way; people or laws. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and he will never be caught. He feels as though he is superior to all. Everything out of his mouth is a lie.

    The government has ground for their case. This is a fact. They didn't just find Joe out of thin air and think it would be fun to mess with him. They have cause, they have facts, they have a guilty man.

  11.  8:14,
    Wow, lots of feelings in your heart for Joe huh? You can't hate someone so much without at one time loving them first sweetheart.
    You're a half-wit. Plain and simple. Your post is filled with so many inaccuracies that it's sad to read that someone like yourself is so stupid. You probably work for the government.
    I hope you NEVER EVER go through something like this. That people hate you so much that they would rather believe and spread lies than seek the truth. Let go of the hate and stop being a moron.
    I will pray for you, you sad, lost soul.

  12. I never said that I hated Joe, that's your assumption. You are also assuming I'm a woman and that I once loved Joe in some way. Not sure why you would make such an assumption. You don't have to love Joe, or have loved him, to know what he is like and what he is capable of, you just have to know him.

    I could assume that you do love him and that this is happening to you, through him. Although, you know what it makes you when you assume.

    I also did not resort to name calling, like you. Very mature.

    He was fired in 2004. Fact. He lied about overtime. Fact. That's stealing. I know 110% this is true. I know he abused his power as a cop. I know he 'impersonated" a police officer, as silly as that sounds - but he flashed his badge off duty to get things. Fact. Plus, this is info you can find from the police department records. So, I'm not spreading lies. These are all facts.

    With regard to the mortgage I know what he set out to do. I know he had a hand in the mortgages.

    I could have commented a lot on his poor character, other than him being a liar and doing anything to get what he wants, but I didn't go there. I stuck to the facts, I suggest you do the same.

    Lastly, I'm not a sad lost soul, but thanks for the prayers anyway.

    Have a lovely day!

  13. I never assumed you were a woman sweetheart. And I apologize for calling you names. That was so very wrong and immature on my part.

    I don't need to defend Joe. His multiple witnesses did that already. Here are some facts:

    •Joe went to the government when he found out about the fraud, without an attorney and well before an indictment ever took place and he cooperated fully.

    •Government lied to grand jury to get the indictment in the first place.

    •Government never subpoenaed Joe’s hard drive for the investigation.

    •Joe took a polygraph and passed.

    •Joe took handwriting exemplars and proved that he did not commit forgeries.

    •There are multiple recordings where the brokers said they have been committing fraud for years. Well before they met Joe and with people that had no association with him.

    •Government said the owners never lived in the properties. It was proven in court that the government was wrong.

    •Government said the properties were purchased and money was taken out of them. It was proven that 1.2 million dollars was put in for repairs, improvements and updating, and more than 2.2 million dollars was paid in mortgage payments.

    •Government said, property was not listed on the tax return. Tax expert came and testified that it was indeed on tax return.

    •Government said lender’s complicity could not be brought in court. The government is now suing them and withheld this information from the jury.

    •Government said Joe is big time gambler who lost a lot of money. The government’s own subpoenaed documents from a casino proved that he lost around one dollar and change a day over the course of a couple years.

    •Government said Joe fled Florida to Georgia to escape his alleged scam. It was proven that he went to Georgia for medical treatment for his little girl because Emory Hospital is the best for endocrinology. She takes shots daily for treatment.

    •Joe testified at his own trial, he brought up his police career and answered for the right and three wrongs that he did. It was proven that way more right was done during his career.

    •Joe was never fired from the police department.

    •Government had the domestic violence allegations against the lead FDLE agent Dennis Roadruck excluded from the court.

    •This same agent intimidated, threatened and coerced witnesses to get them to say what he needed.

    •The government used fraudulent and tampered with documents and emails and presented them to the court as truth.

    That’s only a small amount of facts and truth from this case. Many of these facts were withheld from the jury. The rest will come out in due time. You see sir, it doesn’t matter if Joe is liked or not. We both should be in agreement that all evidence should be presented to have an open and transparent case. This is America and even our enemies and people we don't like deserve a fair trial. I hope the government gets one when it's their turn.

  14. Easy question if you are right why did they interview 400 people and could not provide one witness against him. Sounds like you have a personal issue with him. You should work on that!

  15. If you are talking about Roadruck...I don't have a personal issue with him. I think I may have struck a nerve with his fan club though.

    I also have an easy answer to your question. He more than likely "intimidated, threatened and coerced witnesses to get them to say what he needed." And I find it hard to believe that 400 people had NOTHING to say against him. Who did they ask? The Stepford Witnesses?

  16. If you cannot even admit that he was fired from the PD, then this whole conversation is so pointless. It is the PD public records that he was terminated. Joe always says he was not fired, that he quit. What officer would quit a little before 10 years and give up a pension? Nobody.

    He was under investigation, again, in 2004. He was fired. Last time he was investigated it could have ended his career, but resulted in a 2 week unpaid suspension, in 2001/2002. His Captain saved him on that one. And guess what is was for?? Forgery!! How ironic.

    So, since you cannot even admit the simple fact that he was fired because you listen to him, and again he says he quit, then you'll believe anything he says.
    Dennis was fired too.

  17. Ok One-Track,

    You told me to stick to the trial and the facts. And I did. So out of ALL of the facts I gave you from this trial, you are STILL hung up on Joe's police career. Which he is not on trial for.

    Joe received MANY, MANY awards and achievements (including a life-saving award) some of which he picked up when he got suspended. Joe testified about this and his police career at trial. It was open to the public. You should've gone. My guess is you were there, but you were probably on your computer.

  18. Stick to your marathons loser! Your over 50 and nothing better to do. It's not your fault your wife cheated on you she just wanted to try a real man.