Monday, September 12, 2011

Two city of Miami Chiefs on trial today!

A busy Monday morning, thePlantation cops federal mortgage fraud trial goes to the jury for deliberation, the fate of suspended City of Miami police chief Miguel Exposito is to be decided by the city of Miami commission this morning and it looks like the federal mortgage fraud trial against City of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur is set to being today as well.  

As we wait for the outcome of these three cases, we have to revisit the case of criminal defense attorney Alberto "Al" Milian coming to the rescue of City of Miami city manager Johnny Martinez during Fridays commission meeting.  As our friend Al Crespo eloquently explained, Mr. Milian represents both the illegal gaming industry who the City of Miami police is waring with and now the City of Miami city manager.  I don't know much about law, but that certainly seems like some sort of conflict to me.  From Mr. Milian's statement to the commission regarding his possible conflict...
“Whether my representation of one client would be be adverse to the interests of another or vice versa, and I have taken all of the appropriate legal steps that I’m aware of to insure that I have no conflict, and I have gone beyond and sought wavier of any conflict from any client who thought that representing the manager in that capacity would represent a position adverse to their interests.”
Ok, I'm sure his clients have no problem with him representing the city manager, but the citizens of Miami should have a problem with it!  Let's think this through for a moment, Mr. Milian is allegedly representing several of the alleged illegal gaming machine owners against the City of Miami Police and Chief Exposito in order to get the gaming machines back for his clients.  Based on the goings on at City Hall and what we can deduce by the people surrounding embattled Mayor Tomas Regalado, the only thing between Mr. Milian's clients getting their machines back (which Al Crespo estimates to be worth over $2mm) is suspended Chief Miguel Exposito.  Now we have Mr Milian interjecting himself into the quasi judicial hearings against suspended Chief Exposito on behalf of the city manager Johnny Martinez in an effort to help uphold the managers suspension and subsequent firing of the Chief.  So if he's successful in helping the city manager dispose of the chief, his clients with the gaming machines win as well.  Considering Mr. Milian is working against the city in one case while working with the city on the other, doesn't that create some sort of conflict?  If not a legal one, certainly a moral one in my opinion.  To think, all of this fuss over those god damn machines!

After all, what's all the fuss about?  Anyone who's ever seen one should know that they're strictly for amusement purposes only!  It says it right on the machine!

LOL!  This particular guy with the yellow shirt was so amused that he spend the better part of two hours shuttling between this machine and an ATM machine draining his bank account.  When he walked out of this joint penniless, he certainly didn't seem "amused"!

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