Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The jury is still out on the Plantation cops mortgage fraud case and some bad news for City of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur and fellow federally indicted firefighter Thomas Thelusma...

As the title of the post states, the jury is still deliberating on the Plantation cops mortgage fraud case.  While we're waiting for the outcome of that case, let's revisit the trial of federally indicted city of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur.  As we mentioned yesterday her trial has already begun, the jury was picked yesterday and are expected to be sworn in this morning.

There is a bit of bad news for Veldora and fellow federally indicted city of Miami firefighter Thomas Thelusma, as we mentioned earlier this month, both Veldora and Thelusma share a codefendant in their respective indictments, a fellow named Patrick Brinson.  Mr Brinson was indicted in both Veldora's case and Thelusma's case, I predicted that the weight of the government coming down on him on two different massive mortgage fraud indictments was going to be too much for him to bear, it looks like I was right on the money...

Factual Proffer Patrick Brinson

Essentially through his change of plea and his factual proffer, Mr. Brinson has admitted to all the facts of the federal indictment and has also agreed to cooperate fully with the prosecution against his remaining codefendants.   In other words, THEY'RE FUCKED!  

Regardless though, Ms Arthur has now hired a second attorney, Herbert Erving Walker, along with her original attorney Larry Handfield in order to help keep her out of federal prison.  Good luck!


  1. So two City of Miami fire department employees are "suspended with pay"?

    Both were indicted for mortgage fraud?

    Arthur getting $20,000 every month?

  2. guess who retired from Miami Fire with a 166k pension

    Of the 154 Miami police and firefighters who “retired” (actually entered the DROP) on Sept. 26, 2010, 55 have annual pensions in excess of $100,000, 10 of them greater than $150,000. The latter group includes Chief Fire Officer Ronald Khawly, who transitioned into retirement at 52 with a pension of $181,856; Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur (44, with a pension of $166,687) and Chief Fire Officer Joe Burns (54, with a pension of $165,910).

    Read more:

  3. I was falsely charged w/battery person 65^. $2500 bail, Pub-defender had me going in guilty. Babbled to judge, sent me to 3 shrinks for competency, declared "Incompetent". Had to go "competency school" 5 days week. Had to go to court selected "psychiatric Dr" (Bayview) monthly, put me on "meds"...blood tested = cannabis. Had to go to "Drug School" (Chrysalis = scam) 5 days week. Had to report to "probation" Monthly. Declared competent, still had drug school 5 days. New Pub-defender = Found not guilty! Guy was lying in court, he got new $10,000 teeth (victims slush fund?). I got 2.5 Years of my life (court lasted that long) wasted by these professionals all on your tax money. ALMOST ALL were wives, family, kids of cops. Especially "Competency School" What a joke, wasting millions of Broward county tax dollars. Cops sure know how to suck a county dry. Such a screwed up system with "legit" professional scammers at every turn. Did I mention I don't drive?