Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day LOL!

I came across this gem while reading the comment section from Investigation Miami regarding an interview of city of Miami mayor Tomas Regalado...
He was interviewed by Michael Putney where he said "And we are telling the emploYis da we are going to ponch you, the question is do you want to get ponch in de face or in the arm?"
Anyone who's listened to the Mayor speak knows that his command of the English language is laughable, it looks like he's working on it though.  From his Wiki page...

"In his spare time, Regalado enjoys scrimshaw and takes ESOL classes at Miami Dade College."

That's right, the mayor of a major American city is taking English classes!

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  1. Just like the mortgage brokers in the Plantation Cops trial!

    U.S. Banks Reportedly Offered Deal On Improper Mortgage Practices