Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meanwhile back at the Herald...

While we were rather impressed with ourselves for being mentioned the other day in the Miami Herald regarding our coverage of the Veldora Arthur mortgage fraud trial, we actually missed the Herald's first attempt at covering the verdict last week.  Take a look for yourselves at the story that was buried in the business section, as always click on the image to enlarge...

Funny how the City of Miami's Assistant Fire Chief gets convicted of several counts of mail and wire fraud yet somehow it doesn't make the headline, instead the story is led off with...
Broward man sentenced in fraud schemes.
Even worse, the Herald's staff writer Toluse Olorunnipa couldn't even figure out where Veldora worked, from the article...
...a former assistant to Miami-Dade’s fire chief was found guilty of taking part in an $11 million mortgage fraud scheme in Aventura...
Oh really?

I could have sworn Veldora was employed by the City of Miami and not Miami-Dade county!

Despite the Herald's failure to put together a proper story, their real failure was highlighted by our friends over at Random Pixels yesterday.  While the Herald has been largely ignoring Veldora's story and has relegated it to the back pages of the paper, the Herald's Spanish sister publication, El Nuevo Herald, deems Veldora's mortgage fraud capers to be front page news...

From the El Nuevo Herald article (with translation thanks to Random Pixels via google translate)...

by Melissa Sanchez
El Nuevo Herald

Veldora Arthur, the Deputy Chief of the Miami Fire Department, convicted Friday of mortgage fraud, will be eligible to continue receiving almost $167,000 in annual pension while jailed.

Robert Nagle, manager of the Retirement Fund for the Fire and Police of Miami, said a lawyer for the Fund is reviewing the federal case against Arthur to determine whether the crime in her capacity as deputy chief - for example, in uniform or during hours.

"Committing a felony could cause a recipient of a pension to lose [his/her] pension, but the crime must have been connected to his position," said Nagle. "If it was something they did in their private time, then they keep their pension."

Amazing how the Herald won't cover sensitive City of Miami related matters and how us non Spanish speaking readers have to look to the Spanish version of the Herald to find out WTF is going on!  Regardless, we're still looking into documents regarding Veldora's crimes in order to determine whether or not she used her official possession at the City (not the county) during the commission of the frauds she was indicted for, we'll update as soon as we find anything new.


  1. Could race be a factor? no I'm just being too sensitive

  2. Strawberry, what was the condo complex Fat Joe and his so called "investors" purchased. Didnt they all go into foreclosure.
    Wasnt it like a total of 10 condos.

  3. Wow Franco. you must really hate joe and the strawbuyer. Did fat joe arrest you or sleep with your wife. Did the strawberry write about your arrest? This is a blog where someone tells the news and other people can put their opinions.(from what i have read this blog has had the news right, and before the news papers.) But you act like a 3rd grader calling people names. You take this very personal. I have read your posts and you seem to know alot about Joe & John's personal life and other people in this case which makes me believe you either work for the Plantation Police Department or the US Attorneys Office. Or you are a close friend with someone from one of the two. But yet all you have shown is that your comments are just cheap shots at people's lives. I dont know im not a doctor maybe you do this to feel like a big man. Maybe you lack bigness in your pants and this makes you feel bigger. Or maybe you enjoy attacking other people because you may be a failure in life. i just dont know see these are just my opinions about you. but here's one thing to think of. What if one day your name is in the paper or on a blog and we get to post comments about you. I guess i can ask my 8 year old for some names to call you. oh but wait you have to be someone to make the paper not just some average joe (no pun intended to the real Joe)I think the straw buyer or strawberry (not a big mets fan) does a good job and keep the news coming. As for the Herald they should just let you write the news for mortgage cases in south Florida since that seems to be where they get their news from.keep up the good work.

  4. Always Love checking the US Attorney's Office press releases. OCT's Press Release Former BSO officer arrested in fraud. Nothing makes the headlines like the police and firefighters.