Monday, October 3, 2011

We get a mention in the Miami Herald and celebrate an anniversary of sorts...

As the title says, we've finally gotten some credit for our work in the Miami Herald story regarding convicted mortgage fraudster Veldora Arthur.  Unlike the Herald's Chuck Rabin, who flagrantly ripped off our story and neglected to credit us,  Herald staff writer  Elinor J. Brecher did a fantastic job summing up the conclusion of the nearly two week long mortgage fraud trial.

The question that remains to be asked now that Veldora's behind bars is what's the story with her city of Miami FD pension?  I'm being told by several sources that because of her conviction, her pension could be gone?  I'm doing a little more digging on this matter and will update as soon as possible.

Now, on to this anniversary business, today marks the three year anniversary of the mortgage fraud case that lit the fire under my ass to start this blog, specifically the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story, it's a case that was hobbled together in a rush by a rookie MDPD detective, Jorge Baluja, and a washed up assistant state attorney, Bill Kostrzewski, where they took the word of a unemployed serial fraudster named Bernardo Barrera, who claimed that his identity was stolen and used in the commission of a massive mortgage fraud scheme.  Unfortunately, the state put together the case without properly investigating and overlooked the fact that alleged "victim" was himself an integral part of the mortgage fraud scheme.  Once we uncovered Mr. Barrera's complicity in this scheme, he quickly uprooted and hauled ass to Panama.  What's troublesome though is even though we presented overwhelming evidence of Mr Barrera's complicity to the state attorneys office, to this day they refuse to go after him.  

So where are the other players responsible for this mess today?  Assistant state attorney Kostrzewski's been thrown off the mortgage fraud unit at the state attorneys office and Detective Baluja has been thrown down to the "Homestead exemption fraud" unit in the MDPD where he's charged with going after people who cheat on their homestead tax exemptions.  So much for climbing up the ladder, right guys?  Oh well!

We're awaiting the arrival of more documents on the Veldora Arthur case, tomorrow we should have a copy of Veldora's pre indictment statement to the FBI of just how things went down in her very own words.


  1. It's gonna have to be proven that she used her official position to commit the felony.

  2. There was a rumor that she used her City fax or email to transmit some of the fraudulent communications. Can you look into that?

  3. I read it on Leoaffairs first im glad the blogs are doing the Heralds job!!!

  4. to Anonymous @4:45: Just like John Velez used his Plantation police office to fax over a false fabricated lease. And to the person who said Velez paid off the one loan in Plantation, well yeah it was paid off when he took a refi? but guess what that refi had fraud too, and he later took a line of credit that also had fraud. And did u know Guido Matt and Krazy Rene weren't the brokers? you know who the broker was? Yeah you know who it is. Ill leave it at that. I'm just tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions...

  5. Just cause you use a fax at your office doesn't mean you are useing your position in the act of a crime. maybe if the fax letter head said cheif then maybe yes or officer then yes. But not just using a fax from your job should take someones pension fighters or police offers that do a felony by using their job to obtain the act or crime is one thing. but when their crime has nothing to do with their job other then make headlines you should not be allowed to take away someones pension that they worked 10-20-or even 30 years for when that has nothing to do with the crime that they were found guilty of. It would gives city's the ablitly to take away pensions from thousands of people because they were found guilty of any felony. they did their job for however long they should get their pension unless their job was used to further the crime or make it happen.

  6. there goes Lyod Christmas i mean francisco making an incorrect facts again about john velez on a page that has nothing to do with him.