Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More fun with handwriting and signature samples!

I'm tired of being accused of being a conspiracy theorist, it's time to take the tinfoil hats off.

Way back in March we discussed some signature samples that we collected from various documents that Mr. Bernardo Barrera, the man who claims his identity was stolen for the purpose of defrauding CitiMortgage, executed over the last five years, among these 21 signatures we included there were seven that Mr Barrera and the state allege are forgeries.  Take a look...

Our readers chimed in back in March and gave their opinions on which signatures were real and which were fake after which we published which signatures were allegedly real and which were fake, it went as follows:
  1. A and B were obtained from Bernardo Barrera's divorce file from back in 2005.
  2. C was obtained from a letter Mr. Barrera wrote to the court in regards to the civil foreclosure of the oak avenue home.
  3. D and E were signatures obtained from the documents on file with the state of Florida for the fraudulent corporation that Mr. Barrera opened back in late 2008.
  4. F through L were signatures that we obtained from the loan application that was submitted for the fraudulent mortgage for the Oak Avenue home.
  5. M through R were signatures obtained from the mortgage for Mr. Barrera's primary residence.
  6. And last but not least, S, T and U were signatures that Mr. Barrera submitted to the MDPD as samples of his real signature!

Good enough right?  Not really.  I'd like to make sure things are crystal clear before we move forward and don't want any confusion regarding these signatures or the allegations I've made since the inception of this blog, so I've decided to forward these signatures to a handwriting expert for analysis.  Here's what I'm offering; if the handwriting expert comes back and says that signatures F through L are indeed forgeries, then I'll end this blog right away with an apology to Mr. Barrera, if there results show otherwise then it's game on...


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  2. All mortgage docs are fabricated. The original notes are gone (securitized), so they have to forge or cut and paste signatures onto new docs. The problem is no one knows if terms were changed and when you pay off mortgage in 30 years and find the original is gone it will be too late.

  3. By the way... look at the signatures lines. The ones with crooked breaks are cut and paste. There is no reason for the signature lines to break, other than the obvious.

    So even though the signature may be legit, it was copied onto into new docs, which is not legit.