Thursday, December 2, 2010

An interesting comment from one of our readers regarding Ocean Waves Powerboats...

Last August we examined the police report from the first case where Mr. Bernardo Barrera claimed his identity was stolen and found some glaring inconsistencies within the statement that was given to the police by the principal of company who was involved in the identity theft.  While going through old posts last night, we came across this comment left by one of our readers...

Anonymous said...
I been following this case since you put the 1st comment, i did my personal investigation, and i find out the owner of Ocean Waves is not Alex Orriols is own by guy by the name of Heriberto Leon AKA:PUPE & his Wife Celeste Valle, who has real bad reputation in North Miami where he owns 8 more business the are been investigating for fraud. I took the time to drive by Mr.Leon business, Ocean Waves and find out the Mr Leon got arrested and release for identity theft and having stolen property in his business and having stolen motors in his personal boat, i talk to a employee and ask them for Alex Orriols and they tell me the he had left the company. honestly i think this guy Alex is a victim from the owner of the company, who is been using over 10 people to be registered owners in the corporation to avoid liability.Check public records & Sunbiz to see how many register owner this company had in the pass.
Interesting, we'll have to take a closer look.


  1. Very interesting comment, but what about Hilda Cardelle case?

  2. id like to know more on this ocean wave case and the other 50000 thousand fraudulant things that mr leon and his wife celest are doing at nmb auto body.