Friday, December 17, 2010

For fucks sake, enough with the Cat Killer already!

For those of us here in South Florida we're all too familiar with the cats that were found dead and mutilated in a South Miami neighborhood and the man who was subsequently charged with their mutilations, Tyler Hayes Weinman, aka "the Cat Killer".  A few weeks back though, after a careful review of the facts, the State Attorneys Office decided to drop the charges against Mr. Weinman, turns out after further examination of the mutilated cats, experts concluded that they were killed by other animals.  Good enough right?  Problem is Mr. Weinman has been all over the media since the charges were dropped, here he is last night on CBS4...

The family is interviewing attorneys for a civil suit?  I fail to understand who he's going to file suit against, I mean it's terrible that he was charged, but the system worked, the prosecutors did the right thing and dropped the charges.  Now I could understand the family filing suit against the PD or the SAO if there was say...
  • Evidence of the police fabricating evidence.
  • Evidence of the police coercing witnesses.
  • Evidence of the police perjuring themselves.
  • Evidence of the police and prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence.
  • Etc...
Under those circumstances, sure go ahead and sue, otherwise, it's too bad you were caught in the system, but in the end the prosecutors did the right thing and the outcome was just.


  1. What about gross negligence? This poor kid, creepy as he may be, had his name and reputation permanently besmirched by a supposed trained vet running animal control. Her lack of adherence to basic procedures cased him harm and he's due compensation for it.

  2. I dont disagree but if there was enough probable cause, then the arrest was legit. Remember besides the poor analysis by the vet, there was other evidence.

  3. The state could have just as easily refused to drop the charges and taken it to trial. They did the right thing, whether he's entitled to any money is a different story.

  4. The analysis by the vet was a disaster. They did an analysis they were incompetent to do, didn't ask for advice from anyone competent, claimed there was a crime when there was no crime, and ended up costing the city a lot of money and hurting this kid. And it is frankly amazing that these vets don't know what a cat looks like after a dog eats it. In any sane society, careers would end over a mistake like this.