Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An early Christmas present, the Straw Buyer keeps a promise to Bernardo Barrera...

This morning I was ready to discuss the ramifications of the fraudulent addendum that we mentioned yesterday but we got something in the mail that's going to completely change the course of our blog. For the astute among who have been following our blog it's obvious, nothing groundbreaking, just an affirmation of what we already suspected. Before we discuss this new development, we're going to consult with legal counsel and run it past the proper authorities, so be patient.

Now, about that promise we made to Bernardo Barrera, the man who claimed his identity was stolen for the purpose of defrauding CitiMortgage. A few weeks before the inception of our blog, I managed to track down Mr. Barrera and get him on the phone, the tone of his voice spoke volumes, he certainly didn't sound like the innocent victim that he made himself out to be to the police and the courts. Mr. Barrera checks our blog three times a day at the very least from his new digs in Panama, so I'm going to address this bit to Mr. Barrera himself. Bernie, do you remember what I told you on the phone that day back in the summer of 2009? I told you that I wasn't going to rest until I put your fat ass in jail, I told you that I knew what you had done and was going to make sure that even if it was the last thing I ever did, I was going to make sure you were brought to justice. Think back on that conversation Mr. Barrera and remember what happened back in the end of 1989, think back to Operation Just Cause...

Think back Bernie to that other assclown that thought he was safe in Panama...

Like I told you Bernie, I'm coming for you and I'm not going to do it with the lightweights at the MDPD or the State Attorneys Office who have a vested interest in hiding your complicity, I'm gonna be coming with the feds.


  1. The guy was in on the scam? Does this mean the people charged were innocent?

  2. And there you have it, Mr Barrera visited the blog at 12:38 and split. See you soon Bernie!

  3. rawr... dem sound like fightin' words...

    lol i can't believe so much time has passed already since you first started this blog...

    i applaud your persistence sir...

    1. “Beware the fury of a patient man.” John Dryden, poet

  4. Thank you IVXX. Stay tuned, things are going to amp up.