Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A brilliant comment from one of our readers regarding the Cat Killer case.

We left off last Friday discussing the alleged Cat Killer and mentioned that both he and his family are looking to file a civil lawsuit against the Miami Dade Police Department and the State Attorneys Office.  One of our readers left this insightful comment...

Blogger john lichtenstein said...
The analysis by the vet was a disaster. They did an analysis they were incompetent to do, didn't ask for advice from anyone competent, claimed there was a crime when there was no crime, and ended up costing the city a lot of money and hurting this kid. And it is frankly amazing that these vets don't know what a cat looks like after a dog eats it. In any sane society, careers would end over a mistake like this.
December 20, 2010 2:12 PM
Brilliant, I have to agree.  Regardless of the fact that the prosecutors ended up doing the right thing by dropping the charges, should this case have ever seen the light of day?  How could the vet analyzing the corpses missed the fact that there were animal bites all over the dead cats?  Was the police department so desperate to put a warm body in front of the public to calm them down in light of all these dead cats turning up that they circumvented normal logical police work?  Did the vet that concluded the Tyler Weinman killed these cats really even look at the corpses or did he rubber stamp the cops conclusions that the boy was guilty?

So what's this Cat Killer business have to do with our story?  Think about it for a moment, analysis of the evidence was a disaster...

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Incompetence from those investigating the crime...

Our esteemed commenter goes on to say that he's amazed that the vet doesn't know what a cat looks like after a dog eats it, we can say the same thing about the Barrera mortgage fraud case, how the hell could cops and prosecutors not recognize a simple Straw Buyer mortgage fraud?  Lastly he leaves us with this bit...
In any sane society, careers would end over a mistake like this.
Exactly.  The charges are dropped, the kid goes on his way and everyone's lives are supposed to go back to normal yet the cops who created this mess go unpunished.   Good luck with that.


  1. No update on Besu? What about Portuondo?

  2. The police and DAs are not set up to investigate economic crimes. Con artists are smarter than average people, while economic crime units consist mainly of people who were not bright enough to get assigned to major crime cases.

  3. As if he is innocent...
    He's a psychopath which you could tell only by the look of his eyes. Look at his mugshot for fuck sake! No innocent person would would give that snear when being wrongfully accused.
    The cats had been cut with precision and even flayed some of them, how the hell do you think a dog would do that??
    And did it even occur to you that the dog bites might have come AFTER tyler weinman had tortured and killed them?
    The chances that he would be innocent are inmeasureably small.