Monday, December 6, 2010

Where in the world is Sally Sawh?

Anyone?  Any idea what happened to disbarred attorney Sally Sawh who the state alleges stole $2,000,000 of clients money that was deposited in her trust account?  We talked about Sally a little over a year ago, here's a snippet from the Daily Business Review to refresh your memory...

Yikes!  So what's Sally been up to lately?  All we've been able to find are some bizarro YouTube videos...

From the videos description we get the following:
Sally teaching kids during a Kapow session. Sally has been a mentor for Dade County School kids for the last 5 years. She no longer practices law but still continues to inspire kids as she pursues her masters in Urban Planning and her dreams of a diplomatic career.
That's nice isn't it?  The law thing didn't really work out, so instead she's taken the time to mentor Dade County School kids, that's fantastic.  

There's a problem though, something seemed bizarre about that video, I watched and re-watched it till I figured it out.  Anyone else pick up on it?   More tomorrow...


  1. I think you need to start following the Not Guilty's that are piling up. Following from David Oscar Markus's blog:

    Another Mortgage Fraud NG verdict
    Posted by David Oscar Markus
    This time it was before Judge Graham on a retrial of a bunch of defendants (the first jury hung). Trial took about a month. Defense lawyers were: Mike Smith, Sherri Romano, Orlando do Campo, Len Fenn, Marty Feigenbaum, Scott Sakin, Peter Patanzo, and Israel Escinosa. Congrats.

    More of these cases need to go to trial.

  2. 2:04, do you have a case number or defendants names? I already know the Feds have their sites set on me so why not?

  3. 09-cr-20628-DLG

    Surprisingly there was no press release on this one (sarcasm intended). Wonder how long it will take for these people to rebuild their lives.....

  4. DLG I agree with you. I actually sat and witnessed Sawh last year being honored as Volunteer of the Year for her dedication to youth in Miami Dade County for the last 6years. I also know this is a woman who is not ashamed to talk about what happened to her. Straw Buyer, things are not always as they appear. Maybe you did not know her E & O insurer paid out on this claim her full coverage on the civil side of this exact same criminal suit for "negligence".... I do not think they would have done that if they thought for a second she actually stole something. This woman is actually a really decent human being. But then again all of that does not make good news!

  5. 8:55, that's great. Forward us some links to what you're stating to, we'd love to write about it.

  6. That's a crock of shit, there's no provision for theft in an E&O policy.

  7. I have no idea about links etc. but at the event there were videos of her in classrooms, taking kids to the University on field trips and doing some type of culinary "Iron Chef" competition over the last 6 years. She was also the keynote speaker at the event. Also saw your latest post and big deal on her name, one is her maiden name and one her married name. And last on that E & O thing, I am no expert but I made some calls and her E & O insurance paid out 100% of her they did not feel there was any fraud or conversion on her part and we all know how short insurance company's hands are in reaching into their pockets.
    All the best to all of these folks trying to re-build their lives....may God give them the strength to continue on and may he bless them!

  8. If she was so innocent, why did the Florida Bar disbar her? Typically lawyers protect each other, but in her case, she was such an embarrassment to her profession, that they had an emergency hearing and disbarred her. Some of the reasons include:

    1. Prior disciplinary history
    2. Dishonest or selfish motive
    3. Pattern of misconduct
    4. Multiple offenses

    The above information is confirmed by the following weblink:

    Make your own decision.

  9. She has since been featured in a Trinidadian Women Magazine:

    Her foundation has raised thousand's of dollars from an event objected at giving the money to local NGO's and to date these NGO's have received no there a pattern here??

  10. To the above reporter of false information, I am one of the NGO's this woman agreed to give her own money to from HER event. I am getting $$$ for doing nothing nor did I nor anyone help her pay her over $750k in costs. She also just did leadership camps for our kids free of charge that changed the lives of hundreds of our children under our care. So I am disgusted to see your comments. They are FALSE and LIBELOUS. So she failed in her past, but who hasn't?

  11. This lady's prior offense is she won a lawsuit against a company and the company she won againt filed a complaint saying since she was related to one of the shareholders of the winning company and did not disclose it, it was unethical. So let me get this right, if you are a lawyer you cannot represent any business where a family member may be a partner without court permisssion. What the RAS CLAD is this? So why I sending my son to law school for then if I cannot benefit.

  12. 12:56, that's bullshit.

  13. Today this woman was found UNAMOUNSLY INNOCENT by a jury. So all of the above is simply based on someone's wild imagination or a possible stalker.

  14. Was she or was she not disbarred from practising law in the state of Florida?

  15. Yes she was disbarred.Her & her husband are thiefs.Paolo Della casa her hubby treats/treated his employees like animals to say the least.Now she wants to act like a good Samaritan lol...please it's all an act.She knew exactly what she was doing when she stole all those millions of dollars from people who trusted her. Karma....