Thursday, October 13, 2011

The nightmare is over for Steven Stoll and Dennis Guaracino...


Another twist in the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud case, just like that it's over for two of the remaining three defendants...

Government Dismisses Federal Mortgage Fraud Case Against Steven Stoll and Dennis Guaracino

From the Sun Sentinel...
Federal prosecutors said Wednesday they are dropping all criminal charges against a Fort Lauderdale lawyer and a former police officer arrested last year in a mortgage fraud investigation.

The decision to dismiss the cases against attorney Steven Stoll and former Plantation Police Officer Dennis Guaracino comes a month after a Fort Lauderdale federal jury deadlocked on the charges against them.

The two men and Joseph Guaracino, who is Dennise Guaracino's brother, spent more than five months on trial defending themselves against allegations resulting from "Operation Copout" — an inquiry into a group of police officers involved in suspicious real estate transactions.

The U.S. Attorney's Office will continue pursuing its case against Joseph Guaracino, whose first trial also ended in a hung jury, federal prosecutors told U.S. District Judge James I. Cohn.

That's great news for attorney Steven Stoll and Dennis Guaracino but not so great news for his brother Joe who looks like he's going back to court to face a second trial which is set to start on December 5, 2011.


  1. good luck to joe. guess the goverment dont mind spending more of our tax payers money

  2. The government can do whatever they want right ? The jury was dead locked on Joe right ? Why not drop the charges on Joe? The prosecutor's in this case are soul-less, look into their eye's--nothing there! Making a living prosecuting inocent people-When they die they are going to a place that start's with an H-and it is not heaven !!GOD IS WATCHING !!

  3. Glad that Joe is still being charged & going to trial again. He still did everything wrong, illegal & lied. Prosecutor is doing the right thing.

  4. Joe knows EXACTLY what he did... He screwed a ton of people... Karma is a bit*h, isn't it?

  5. That is a funny comment Joe screwed alot of people. I didn't hear one person in the trail say that. Just the opposite. Guess they must mean a different Joe. Cause the one in the mortgage case only had two lying mortgage brokers and their assistant say bad things about him. Guess you work for the banks that went out of business. I think if there were more people out there that he screwed the government would have brought them in the court room. Instead they went and got an old girlfriend he dumped from 8 years ago. Must be hard to find good witnesses today. I think my favorite witness was the sgt. From plantation that was there to call him untruthfull and on his own said Joe was the most decorated officer plantation pd ever had. What's that say about their department. Or what does that say about Joe

  6. Joe learned to be a thief & a huge liar. He was engaged to a female, they fell out of love & broke up. 8 yrs ago, ok. Joe did steal about $26,000 from her, so no shock that he is one on trial....for stealing & being a liar & thief.

    Joe turned into a bad guy personally & about the mortgages (thief & liar).

    He obviously is in a bad position, his own fault. The trial is the truth. He deserves to go to jail.

  7. Joe was in the same bed with Matt and Rene. He clearly knew what they were up too, and he brought all his buddies to them, including his "special" buddy John Velez, who played the best "ball". To say that Joe thought Matt and Rene were clean cut guys is absurd. Joe knew what was up and that's why he continued to go to Matt and Rene. I can understand our cops using the defense that the brokers did everything without their knowledge, but that will not work for Joe. As for Paul Rodriguez, I mean Dennis Guaracino, I heard Publix needs some stock boys. Broward School Board is also in need of some custodians. I am sure it will work out for him. And Steve Stoll, well he is a hardcore republican, and if you do it their way, you can pay your way back to the top.

  8. Thank you Annita!
    Joe has started his "own rules/rights" in 2003. He has been a liar & stolen a lot since then.
    He needs to be found guilty.
    He has stolen. He has lied. He has done many many many hurtful things. He even made his friend (john velez) think things were proper - all wrong.
    He was mentally abusive to ex fiancee for years. Over a while he even began physically abusive to his ex fiancee.
    So, obviously, Joe didn't care what is right for anything. He compeletly deserves to be found guilty at he is completely a true liar & thief. He stole from mortgages....he stole from sooooooooo many.
    He has always tried to "work" things out to make what he wants. He never cared if anything was right. He never cared about anything but himself.
    He became a stealer & someone whothought he could do anything & forget about anyone else.

  9. So, an ex girlfriend is angry Joe broke up with her? Wait, fell out of love could only be a girl writing that!

    Bottom line in this case is they interviewed hundreds of people and the best they could come up with was an ex girlfriend. I know Joe well he is a great guy and never stole from anyone. He left his ex because her whole life was a lie! He asked me not to post anything negative about her family and expose there nasty secrets. So I will just remind her if she continues to post negative comments and attack my family. One phone call to the Florida bar to start an investigation into an accident and running from the scene, or the illegal use and sale of steroids and her family is instantly under attack. So I warn you In a nice and friendly way. The next post filled with lies and false statements will only hurt you In the long run! Have a happy day!

  10. Good Luck Joe, obviously several people felt you were Innocent or you would have been convicted! Despite how corrupt this case is, or how hard the Government has tried to back peddal out of the truth. I saw just a few hours of testimony when you were on the stand. I'm proud to say I'm a Freind and I have your back in the next wrongful prosecution. Don't give up you already won the first time, you will win the second one as well.

  11. Funny how Joe "wins" by having a hung jury...sounds just like when someone is found not guilty yet people think they're "innocent"...there's a difference between winning and a hung jury just like there's a difference between not guilty and innocent. Beyond a reasonable doubt is a heavy burden to meet - especially with south Florida juries...and especially when defendants go on the stand and repeatedly lie. Hopefully justice will be served this time around.

  12. Joe's ex fiancee is not angry about their breakup. They broke up 8 years ago, wasn't angry then, certainly not angry now - they fell out of love of each other. No big deal. Have no idea what junk is "her life was a lie". Certainly not true & a silly comment - makes no sense & is ridiculous. Joe and her just grew a part. Life happens. Who cares.
    And "posting negative comments"....that's ridiculous. Many people post their facts on these notes. Some people post positive comments as well. Everyone has their own opinion/facts/thoughts.
    And this is just ridiculous, something about an accident or steroids.....None of this happened to his ex. She never used, sold, bought, had an illegal accident....whatever comment you said....It's all weird and completely not real. Again, it's the most ridiculous comment that could have been made.
    Support Joe for his next trial. Focus on yourselves and don't pay attention to what people have to say, if things bother you. A lot of people have made comments on this Blog, good or negative, but still their own opinion. Oh well.

  13. its pretty funny it seems like the only person on this site smashing joe must be his ex girlfriend and her family. nicole have your parents and friends post on facebook you know nothing about this case other then how to come in a court room and cry he broke my heart. i have known joe for 12 years. this guy gives to everyone and never fucked anyone over. why is it so hard for people not to look at the facts. matt and rene lied on every loan they did. this is not my comment this is their statements under oath. they did over 1000 loans that people had no clue what was going on. say what you want about a hung jury but in america 12 people have to find you guilty if they dont the goverment didnt do their job or the person is innocent. Joe would never put friends or family into something he knew was wrong. so i believe joe will get another hung jury or be found not guilty. good luck to joe and I support you and so do alot of people

  14. Many people have made comments/fact statements with regard to the case - innocents or guilty. They are not all made by the same people, one way or another.
    Assigning/assuming comments to one person and/or their family is not proper or correct. There are many comments made on his Blog by Anonymous people...can't put a name assignment to any of them because nobody really knows who these commenters are at all.
    Many comments about an ex-fiancee is worthless as well. Speaking of the ex in place of what Joe is being tried on does not make any sense and is a huge waste of time. Joe and his ex have no relationship, one way or another, from 7 1/2 years ago. Their reason of breaking up has nothing to do with anything and this trial. Pointless. (The only things that matches is how he handled money and their house with the breakup - that matches his trial).
    Additionally, making up 100%+ false statements about his ex is also very pointless.
    Again, people comment their thoughts/facts - one way or another - on this Blog. If someone feels they want to believe everything Joe has said in innocence, then fine, support him. If people don't agree with what others say Joe did illegally, through facts, then continue to support him and let the jury come to guilty or not guilty.

  15. spend all that time defending his ex and know so much must be his ex family. i would leave her alone but to know say that facts show joe is guilty please show me the facts or better yet show them to the goverment because they dont have any.

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