Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shitty postal service and other important evidence overlooked by the cops and prosecutor...

Problems with the mail lately?  People sending you things that you never receive?  Happens to all of us now and again, just how often though?  Maybe once or twice a year at best?  Not for Bernardo Barrera, the man who is at the center of one of our mortgage fraud stories, based on what he's told the police and Citi Mortgage, he'd have us believe that he's got the worst mailman walking the face of the earth.

The entire case that Detective Baluja and assistant state attorney Bill Kostrzewski put together rests on Mr. Barerra's assertions that he had no knowledge that the fraud was occuring, let's take a look at the letter Mr. Barrera sent Citi Mortgage stating as much...

Bernardo Barrera Letter to Citi Declaring He had no idea that anything was going on                                                            

In his own words:
"This account was open without my knowledge using my personal information fraudulently.  I have not engaged in the purchase of a House in the Miami-Dade county Florida."
Oh, very good, missed a few days in English class I see.  So you had no knowledge of this fraud occurring correct?  OK.  We especially like this bit...
"I do not understand who will do something like this, but I do know that this needs to be resolve as soon as possible..."
You know what, Bernie?  I have a pretty good idea of "who will do something like this (sic)", he's overweight, unemployed and has a knack for committing mortgage fraud.  Sound like anyone you know Mr. Barrera?  Now, Citi Mortgage answers that pathetic excuse for a letter with the following...

Leter From Citi Mortgage to Bernardo Barrera                                                            

Fantastic!  Notice that this letter from Citi Mortgage was sent and recievied via U.S. Postal Service to Bernardo Barrera at his primary residence located at:

16562 SW 48th Terrace
Miami, Fl 33185

Superb!  Now we've established correspondence from Citi Mortgage to Bernardo Barrera at his primary residence via the U.S. Postal Service.  All good.  Now that we've established clearly that Mr. Barrera is receiving mail from Citi Mortgage, let's take a look at some other mail that Citi Mortgage sent Mr. Barrera...

Bernardo Barrera Good Faith Estimate From Citi Mortgage for Oak Avenue Home                                                            

SWEET BERNIE!  Congrats man, it looks like Citi Mortgage sent you a good faith estimate on January 25, 2008 for a new mortgage (loan #002005062091).  Good deal!  Now, lets look at another letter that Citi Mortgage sent Mr. Barrera at his primary residence...

Bernardo Barrera Commitment Letter 1 From Citi Mortgage for Oak Avenue Home                                                            

NICE!  A commitment letter for a mortgage for a home located at 3390 Oak Avenue (loan #002005062091) that was mailed on January 29, 2008 to Mr. Barrera at his CORRECT home address.  Good deal, now another letter...

Bernardo Barrera Commitment Letter 2 From Citi Mortgage for Oak Avenue Home                                                            

Even better, a second commitment letter mailed to Mr. Barrera's primary residence for the purchase of the Oak Avenue home on January 31, 2008.  Moving along...

Bernardo Barrera Commitment Letter 3 From Citi Mortgage for Oak Avenue Home                                                            

Oh boy, another commitment letter for the Oak avenue home mortgage mailed to Mr. Barrera at his primary residence dated February 18, 2008.  Can it get worse?  Yes!

Thank You Letter From Citi Mortgage to Bernardo Barrera for the Purchase of the Oak Avenue Home                                                            

BRILLIANT!  A thank you letter sent to Mr. Barrera for his new mortgage for the home located at 3390 Oak Avenue mailed to his primary residence by Citi Mortgage dated February 19, 2008, the same day the fraudulent transaction occurred that Mr. Barrera claimed he had no knowledge of.  

Keep in mind that Mr. Barrera clearly stated in the first letter we posted today dated March 28, 2008 to Citi Mortgage, that he had no knowledge of this transaction taking place.  For us to buy into that story, we would have to believe that Mr. Barrera NEVER received any of these letters from Citi Mortgage.  I know we've discussed these letters in the past, but I thought it would be worthwhile to post them in their entirety to show how preposterous it is for ANYONE to believe that Mr. Barrera had no knowledge that this transaction was occurring.  Not a FCUKING chance Bernie.

By know, you all must be wondering where the hell we've gotten all these letters from?  The two people that must be the most curious about where these letters came from are Detective Jorge Baluja and Assistant State Attorney Bill Kostrzewski.  So where did these letters come from Jorge?  How did we unearth these documents that destroy your headline case Bill?  We got these documents from the state's own case file.  That's right folks, both Detective Baluja and ASA Kostrzewski have had these documents from day one.  Why were they ignored?  Who knows.  What I do know is this, Mr. Barrera better get real comfy down in Panama...


  1. Why haven't the defendnats attorneys gotten these charges dismissed? From these documents alone everyone charged in this case should be able to get off.

  2. The cop was in on it for sure.