Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein had "Deep Throat" supplying them with information during the Watergate scandal, Jim Garrison had "Mr. X" that was giving him information during the aftermath of the JFK shooting, these were critical figures in the development of those cases, insiders that were giving important information and revealing which rocks to look under to out the bad guys involved.  Why would someone "inside" reveal the inner workings of these stories?  Perhaps these are people of high moral character that couldn't stand by and see government act in an illegal manner or people who simply couldn't stand by and stay quiet while the laws they swore to uphold were perverted for the gain of others.  

Throughout our story, we've had several people send us information regarding the players involved, sure we've had some that seem to have an axe to grind with the defendants or the people on the states side, but we've also had some very insightful remarks from people on the states side that are a lot closer to the cases we've discussed, most recently we've had a few comments from someone VERY close to the epicenter of this mess that we've been writing about, someone we'll call "1:49".  Most recently 1:49 has left the following comments:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You're so close to the real story but you just can't seem to nail it. 1:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Its way too complicated and this comment box is way too small. Run the clip from "Silence of the Lambs" The climax scene where Jodi Foster stumbles in the darkness inches from the psycho killer. You're that close to it. 1:49

Jeeze, I remember that scene well, reminds me of this song...

1:49, we've put the lotion in the basket, we want to go home!  Throw us a bone, give us a hint, it's cold down here!  Like we said before, comments and tips are appreciated, but the riddles are maddening!

Moving on, today we have John Arthur Romney meeting with his attorney over at the state attorneys office.  From what we hear, the state is VERY displeased with the arrangement that ASA Kostrzewski made with Mr. Romney, in fact we were told that the plea agreement that Mr. Kostrzewski had prepared was so poorly written that it couldn't be used!  Nice going Bill!  You have to wonder, maybe the new head of the mortgage fraud task force unit at the state attorneys office can't stomach Mr. Romney getting a slap on the wrist after stealing nearly $400,000?  From what we've read in the case file, it looks like Mr. Romney and his attorney did a masterful job of selling him to Mr. Kostrzewski as a victim, show me where I can sign up to be a victim and walk with $400,000!  For Mr. Romneys sake, he better have some more people left to rat out...

Otherwise folks, according to the docket, the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case is scheduled to go to trial on May 10, 2010, that's just 20 days away....


  1. Do they know the guys left the country?

  2. 1:49, provide me with proof of the allegation that you made and I'll be more than happy to publish it.

  3. 1:49, give us this much, was this case a personal vendetta or all political? Once again, give us some sort of proof that the person you mentioned is a "crook" and we'll be more than happy to publish the story.