Thursday, April 1, 2010

A closer look at the mortgage broker contracts that we discovered yesterday.

Yesterday we discussed two distinct "Florida Mortgage Broker Contracts" that we found in the amended discovery that the state filed on 3/16/2010 for the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case.  These documents outlined the agreement between the mortgage broker and the borrower regarding the brokers fees for obtaining the mortgage, standard stuff and no big deal if there wasn't two distinct signatures from the borrower.  

First let's look at the signatures on the contract that the state submitted with the documentation that they used when they originally filed the case:

Here we clearly see a signature for Mr. Barrera that strongly resembles the signature samples of his actual signature that we collected earlier.  After comparing this instance of Mr. Barrera's signature with his real signature, we could say with almost absolute certainty that this is indeed Mr. Barrera's actual signature which he executed on 1/16/2008.  Now, let's take a look at the signature that the was obtained from the "Florida Mortgage Broker Contract" that the state submitted as part of their amended discovery...

Now clearly this instance of Mr. Barrera's signature is a forgery, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.  There was always a doubt as to whether or not Mr. Barrera's signatures were authentic or not, could the fraudsters have also been master forgers capable of duplicating an intricate, difficult to execute signature?  With this second mortgage broker contract that the state has been hiding, we see the result of the "fraudsters" forging Mr. Barrera's signature, it's not even close, leaving us to believe that the other instances of Mr. Barrera's signature that we've seen were indeed authentic. 

There are two major issues that arise from the production of these new documents, first, why has the state been sitting on these documents for nearly two years?  Second, at the bottom right hand corner of these documents you'll see the signature of someone that we can only assume was the mortgage broker, Daniel Moreno.  If we're reading these documents right, he's signed a contract with someone that we are fairly certain is the real Barrera and then he's signed a contract with someone who has forged Mr. Barrera's signature.  Isn't this a problem?  Wouldn't this alone bring this new member of our story into the "Organized Scheme to Defraud"?  Worse yet, there is no evidence whatsoever in the case file that this guy had ever been questioned by the state.  How can this be explained?  Poor police work by Detective Baluja?  A major oversight by the man who ran this investigation, prosecutor Bill Kostrzewski?  Could you imagine if this is the first time either Baluja or Kostrzewski are seeing these discrepancies? 

As usual, we're left with more questions than answers.  One thing is for certain, someone really fcuked up.


  1. Bill is hiding much more than you think. Put in a public information request for the emails between him and the cop that replaced Baluja.

  2. Why do you say the broker saw Barerra and the other guy sign the same document? The new ASA looked at the file, noticed that a mortgage contract that was supposedly not with Barerra was signed by Barerra, took some whiteout, signed it himself, and manufactured some better evidence. And he noticed it before you published, so you have to have some respect.

  3. John, that's an interesting observation! Mad white out skillz!!!!

    Good stuff.

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