Friday, April 2, 2010

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! ASA Bill Kostrzewski wants less work!

We find ourselves at the end of another week here in the jungle, we've uncovered some disturbing evidence that the prosecutor in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case had buried for nearly two years that changes the landscape of the criminal case and now we've introduced at least one new character into our tale of mortgage fraud, the mortgage broker.  According to the documents that we posted yesterday, this mortgage broker signed an agreement with someone who appears to be the real Bernardo Barrera and someone posing as Bernardo Barrera, yet there's no evidence of the state taking any action let alone interviewing this mortgage broker.

Throughout this particular mortgage fraud story, we've seen several instances where key figures in the case weren't questioned, indispensable members of the "organized scheme to defraud" weren't arrested and yet after all the evidence that we've compiled proving complicity on the part of the state's "victim", no one has taken any action, investigatory or otherwise against this "victim".  Our assertion has been from the beginning that the state knows full well that their "victim" was complicit in the execution of this fraud, yet they refuse to do anything about it for fear of jeopardizing their ongoing criminal case.  So much for "we who labor here seek only the truth" huh?  We found another quote from prosecutor Bill Kostrzewski that sums up his handling of this case perfectly, take a look...
This quote comes from Mr. Kostrzewski tireless crusade against illegal signs in Miami Dade county, although it doesn't address our story directly, it does reflect his frame of mind.  Why complicate the Barrera mortgage fraud case by entertaining the idea that you got it all wrong Bill?  Imagine all the "POLICE REPORTS" and "WORK" that would have to be done if Mr. Barrera was indeed involved in the fraud?  Maybe this way of thinking is what stopped ASA Kostrzewski from filing charges on the woman that stole our $100,000? 

We'll discuss Mr. Kostrzewski's sign fetish later.  For now, we'll leave you with a photograph of Mr. Kostrzewski (courtesy of the Miami Herald, sort of) that perfectly illustrates who this man is. 


  1. Is his face really that pixelated or is it just the photo?

  2. The pose says it all.