Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Overwhelmed?  We certainly are.  From the comments in yesterdays post one of our readers says the following regarding the fraud investigator from Citi Mortgage:
Just because you investigated this case better than her doesn't mean she is a slacker. If she is young she just might put too much faith in the MPD and Fl ASA. Her office must have dozens of these frauds organized by the MPD and if they aren't getting slammed on this one they are getting slammed on some of those. Straighten them out.
We'd love to "straighten them out", but what incentive does Citi Mortgage have to be straightened out?  If they do admit they screwed up the investigation, don't they open themselves up to a tremendous amount of civil liability? There's a paragraph on the sworn statement that Mr. Barrera sent to both the police and the Fraud investigators at Citi Mortgage that sums things up very nicely, let's take a look at that document...

Bernardo Barrera Question a Ire of Fraud                                                            

See what it says just above Mr. Barrera's signature?  Let's look:
I/We state that no money, merchandise, or services were for my/our purpose or benefit and were not obtained on my/our behalf and that the signature(s) on the charge voucher(s) and/or sale ticket(s) and/or application was not signed nor authorized by me/us.

I/We further understand that this questionnaire and the information given by me/us may be used to pursue criminal charges against the parties responsible for committing this crime...
Sounds like serious stuff now doesn't it?  We wonder if Mr. Barrera thought long and hard before executing that document and considered the consequences of his statements.  We can guarantee you this much, if Mr. Barrera does decide come back from Panama and show up for trail, we sincerely doubt he's going to be going back to Panama any time soon.

We're cutting it short today cause we're off to the halls of justice, the Dade county courthouse to dig through some more files for our Roger Besu fans.  We owe them an update on the Besu case, somehow despite repeated reminders from several of our readers, Mr. Besu has fallen through the cracks.  Update tomorrow for sure folks!

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