Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An update on the case of disbarred attorney Sally Sawh...


Some of you  may remember the story of disbarred attorney Sally Sawh who the Florida Bar accused of misappropriating over two million dollars of her clients money that she held in her law firms trust account, we discussed her story several times over the last few years ( here, here and here ).  The Florida Bar did their own investigation and found that there were several millions of dollars worth of clients funds missing from her firm's trust accounts, there findings can be found here in this report...

Sally Sawh Disbarment Sally Ann de La Casa

Shortly after this report was filed on October 3, 2008, Ms Sawh was arrested and charged with Grand Theft for charges stemming from this report, after three years of delays, her criminal case finally went to trial last week.  To be honest, I had all but forgotten about Ms. Sawh until we received these two comments on previous blog posts last night...
Today this woman was found UNAMOUNSLY INNOCENT by a jury. So all of the above is simply based on someone's wild imagination or a possible stalker.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sally who?":

UNANAMOUS Jury verdict 100% innocent 12/12/11.She testified so all of this nonsense of her fledding was just that NONSENSE AND MAKE BELIEVE but I guess made good reading.

Take a bow for all looking like fools! And the french fled the US on Friday when their money laundering was made public to the IRS.

Also Growing Leaders is an AUDITED Foundation so also all of that make beleive about the Foundation IS JUST THAT, MAKE BELIEVE! Shame, shame , shame.

Hope Straw Buyer has the courage to now APOLOGIZE for creating a blog on this woman BASED ON PURE FICTION! 

These comments were obviously left by none other than Ms. Sawh from her hotel room at the Hilton in downtown Miami.  While we have to congratulate Ms. Sawh and her attorneys for convincing the jury to find her "not guilty" of grand theft, I'm puzzled about this bit...
She testified so all of this nonsense of her fledding (sic) was just that NONSENSE AND MAKE BELIEVE but I guess made good reading.
I guess the forensic accountants who conducted the investigation for the Florida bar must have been nuts when they concluded that there was over two million dollars that had gone missing from her firms trust accounts?  Since Ms. Sawh actively reads and comments on our blog, perhaps she'd like to tell our readers why in addition to the missing two million dollars that was the subject of her criminal case, the bar audit also found another nearly $800,000 missing from her accounts as well?

I don't know, perhaps it's all fiction.  Maybe those nasty people over at the bar had an axe to grind with Ms. Sawh, maybe she just decided to give up her license to practice law for shits and grins as well, who knows, perhaps Ms. Sawh is innocent after all and all this fuss about money missing was just a big misunderstanding.  

We'll take a closer look and see what we can find...


  1. This woman is delusional.

  2. Finally people are doing their job and asking the right questions

  3. She didn't leave those comments though - she'll have convinced some open-hearted person of her innocence using the same tired old speech and recycled phrases, and they'll have bought it, and will leap to her defense anytime she's perceived to be maligned. She very rarely defends herself publicly.