Thursday, January 5, 2012

Following up on Reid Welch's motion to disqualify City of Miami assistant attorney George Wysong...

Right before the Christmas break we discussed the ongoing feud and subsequent restraining order between City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and Coconut Grove gadfly Reid Welch.  On December 23 attorneys for both parties appeared in court to argue whether or not City of Miami assistant attorney George Wysong should be disqualified from the proceedings because of his role within the city, once again, from his very own bio on the city website...
Mr. Wysong serves as the Police Legal Advisor for the City of Miami Police Department. In that capacity, he handles matters which affect the Police Department, and provides counsel and advice to the Chief of Police and his staff, litigates contraband forfeiture cases, prepares legal bulletins for dissemination to the sworn police officers, provides advices and counsel to the City's Emergency Operations Center in times of emergency. In addition to those duties, Mr. Wysong also reviews contracts and agreements relating to the Police Department and drafts legislation relating to quality of life issues.
As we stated before, the conflict created by Mr. Wysong representing Mr. Sarnoff and the City of Miami Police department is blatantly obvious.  From our November 23 blog post...
So Mr Wysong is the City of Miami police liason, from his bio says his job is to "handle matters which affect the Police Department."  If that's the case, why was he representing Sarnoff at this hearing?  In fact, based on his bio, shouldn't he have been attending this hearing on behalf of the City of Miami police department who should have arrested Mr. Sarnoff for his assault on Mr. Welch?  Doesn't this constitute a serious conflict of interest for Mr. Wysong?
Based on all of the above, you would think the judge would have ruled in Welch's favor and disqualified Wysong, correct?  Not so fast, check the judge's motion that we received yesterday...

Reid Welch Motion to Disqalify George Wysong Denied

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.  Just another day in Miami I guess. 



  1. wow i guess your not always right?

  2. It was an obvious conflict of interest. At least obvious to
    any honest Judge.

  3. Reid Welch is the closest one can get to a political prisoner, only in Miami something like this can go down. The guy gets punched in the head and floored by a politician for exercising his first amendment, then is thrown in jail on the assumption that he is dangerous. His problem is that he knows too much about Sarnoff. Time to get ACLU involved.