Thursday, January 26, 2012

Murder, identity theft and a Mercedes...


So what was that mysterious email about the other day?  From that email...
This man, Nalio Willliams is wanted for the murder of my friend.  I know it's a longshot but if ANYBODY recognizes him or knows where he is PLEASE let me know.  He shot a good man in the head multiple times for NOTHING.  My friend's 5 year old son, who he loved very much is going to miss him greatly.
Ok, let's start with a quick google search of Mr. Williams to see what we can find.  From CBS4 we get this story...

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An arrest warrant has been issued for a Hialeah man who reportedly gunned down a Miami man in cold blood days before Christmas.
On December 22nd, Raimundo Modia drove his high-end luxury Mercedes to a West Park warehouse on SW 57th Terrace in hopes of selling it. What Modia, 34, didn’t know was that the prospective buyer, 35-year old Nalio Williams, was a career criminal, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.
During the meeting between the two men, Modia was shot several times during the meeting and died at the warehouse. He is survived by a five-year old son.
Williams left a stolen white Toyota Tundra at the shooting scene. The tag on that vehicle was registered to a man in northern Florida whose identity had been stolen, and the vehicle itself was registered to another man in Winter Garden. Modia’s Mercedes was discovered the following day abandoned in Miami Gardens.
A first degree murder warrant has been issued for Williams who detectives believe may still be in the area.
The sheriff’s office said Williams past arrests have been for identity theft and fraud so he may be using an alias.
Ok, from this article we've learned that Mr. Williams shot someone named Raimundo Modia in the head after they met at a warehouse somewhere in Broward county to discuss the sale of a luxury car.  We're also told that shooter has been arrested in the past for Identity theft and fraud.  Interesting.
Now, let's see what we can learn about Mr. Raimundo Modia.  From Sunbiz we get the following...

Interesting.  From what we can glean from Sunbiz, Mr. Modia was in the mortgage business as well as the exotic car rental business.  Wait a minute, what are the chances?  Haven't we discussed this exotic car rental business before?  Let's focus in on one particular business that Mr. Modia was involved with, Elite Luxury Rentals, which just happened to be owned by a fellow named Bryan Guarch.  We've written about Mr Guarch before, for those of you who don't remember, perhaps this press release from the U.S. Attorneys office will refresh your memory...
United States v. Bryan A. Guarch, et al., Case No. 09-20627-CR-Moreno.
On July 23, 2009, thirteen (13) defendants were charged in a 15-count Indictment for their participation in a mortgage fraud scheme that resulted in approximately $4 million in fraudulent loans. Charged in the Indictment were defendants Bryan A. Guarch, 29, Richard Pi, 27,  Edwin Garcia, 30, Carlos Martinez, 29, Wayne Bermudez, 29, Oscar Quintero, 28, Sunsy Garcia, 29, Ryan Barouh, 27, Jason Cuza, 30, Anthony Silverio, 26, all of Miami, Rafael Jaramillo, 32, of Hialeah Gardens, Mario Estrada Mora, 25, of Miami Beach, and Vanessa Negron, 27, of Boiling Springs, South Carolina. According to the Indictment, defendants Guarch and Pi organized the scheme and identified eight properties to be used to defraud mortgage lenders. Guarch and Pi used defendants Edwin Garcia, Rafael Jaramillo, Carlos Martinez, and Wayne Bermudez, to recruit  straw buyers to submit fraudulent loan applications to mortgage lenders. Among the straw buyers recruited in this way were co-conspirators Oscar Quintero, Mario Estrada Mora, Sunsy Garcia, and Vanessa Negron.After submitting fraudulent loan applications to the lenders, Pi and Guarch paid-off loan officers, defendants Ryan Barouh and Jason Cuza, to facilitate the approval of the loans. Guarch and Pi caused the title company closer, defendant Anthony Silverio, to approve and submit to the lender a fraudulent HUD-1 Settlement Statement with an inflated purchase price. In an effort to conceal the fraud, Silverio provided a second HUD-1 Settlement Statement to the sellers reflecting the actual, much lower purchase price of the property. At closing, Guarch and Pi kept more than $1 million in loan proceeds, representing the difference between the inflated purchase price and the price actually paid to the seller for the property. After closing, Guarch and Pi used those loan proceeds to pay off their co-conspirators and to fund their lavish life styles. After each of the closings, the straw buyers defaulted on the loans, causing each of the properties to go into foreclosure and resulting in possible losses to the lenders of more than $2.6 million.The Indictment includes charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and substantive wire fraud. Mr. Sloman commended the investigative efforts of the Federal-State Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, with special commendation to the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Miami-Dade Police Department, and the State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter A. Forand.
Oh boy.  So here we have Mr Modia who was in the mortgage business as well as in the exotic car rental business along with a guy named Bryan Guarch who was federally indicted for running a massive multi million dollar straw buyer mortgage fraud scheme.  Now comes Mr. Williams who then allegedly shoots Mr. Modia in the back of the head who's got a history or identity theft and fraud.  Interesting.

Am I the only one that thinks this case is about something other than Mr. Modia wanting to sell his Mercedes?  I wonder what the cops think?  Perhaps paying a visit to Mr. Guarch over in federal prison may answer some questions...


  1. It's so funny how stupid you are....thank god you are not a detective because all criminals would still be on the loose. Maybe you should do a little more research before talking shit....Raimundo was no longer a mortgage broker and if you READ the mortgage fraud case, I guess you only write and do not read, Raimundo had nothing to do with the case. So maybe before you write your stupid blog maybe you should get your facts right.

  2. Trust me, I know a lot more about him than I let on, I know about the revinned cars from California and why he was meeting with the guy the night he got killed, I know all too well what he was up to while he was in the mortgage business before, etc. So yes if it makes you feel better, I am an idiot and please, stop reading the damn stupid blog.

  3. You don't need to talk to Guarch in federal prison to find out what went on, just ask Reimundo's partner Cuza that just got out of jail.

  4. or just asked the Miami Fireman, Jesus Herrera, that was arrested for straw buying the exotic cars for the rentals.

  5. Where's the Panamera? How about the Phantom? All those cars were used in insurance scams the get new paperwork and were being brought back to Florida. The Williams guy killed Raimindo cause he screwed him out of his cut of the proceeds.

    More arrests on the way.

  6. I think you all need to get off these gentlemens dick! Losers!!! Someone just died and this is what you are talking about. Who cares is obvious you dislike or despise better said,these men.the problem is your just giving them more importance, so you are a KUNT!!!

  7. Yes, the man is dead, may he rest in peace. We'd like to know why he was assassinated and perhaps figure out where the alleged shooter is at. If you don't like the comments people are leaving then I suggest you don't read the blog.

  8. Mr Jensen, why don't you contact me at so we can discuss.

  9. To be quite honest, The Straw Buyer is right. Mr. Modia may have been the nicest guy in the world and such, there is the question of why someone who had only been involved in identify theft and fraud for ten years would just randomly turn to murder NOW. It would be different if Mr. Williams had a violent past, but he doesn't. Circumstances would also be different if Mr. Modia didn't have a history of fraud, but he does, so say that there was no connection between both parties is a matter of you jumping the gun. No one deserves to be murdered and I give my deepest condolences, but there's more than likely way more to this story than anyone knows.

    And for the record, from what I've read (from Google searches), law enforcement has been going back and forth on what they've been labeling Mr. Williams. First they said they want him "in connection to the murder", then they said they are "seeking Modia's murderer", and now they're back at "connection to the murder." If you paid closer attention to their rhetoric, you'd realize that they don't even know if Mr. Williams murdered Modia. All they know is that Mr. Williams so happen to be there.

    Yet again, my deepest condolences, but lets wait and see what happens. Remember, there are always three sides - What the police say, what the people involved say, and the truth.

  10. I just read up on this on the AMW website and they said that Mr. Modia had a client who set him up to get three of his cars stolen and then he called that same person to help him sell his car. REALLY you ask the guy weho helped rip you off for help.HMMMM. Also it states that he shot Mr. Williams in the leg so my question his if Mr. Williams shot him multiple times in the head how can mr. modia shoot him the leg which has to mean that mr. modia had to shoot at mr. williams first. Also that white truck that was left behind at the scene was also shot up. Also they police are now reporting that Mr. Modia went looking for Mr. Williams because he believed that he still had the three cars in his possession and not to sell his mercedes as was previously reported. I feel bad for the death of Mr. Modia but there is alot more to this story considering how many times the police has changed the theory of what the think happened. I also looked up Mr. Williams arrest record. All those grand theft charged were white collar crimes. He went and got duplicate keys made to steal cars, drove cars off car lots but never on any of his arrest records does it mention any violent crimes or weapons charges, not even a resisting arrest charge so it begs the question that this shooting could just be self defense.

  11. I am one of the defendants on the Brian G. case .... That Modia had nothing to do with MY case!!Who the fuck is Mr Modia???.... That Straw buying case completely bullshit.. the Feds needed fall guys to arrest for the economy crashing the way it did.. WE ALL SUFFERED from the banks stupidity.

    1. Lmfao so you mean to tell me bryan w all his cigarette boats, renegade boats, ferraris, bentleys and such just made that money legitly and was no criminal at all huh? Lmfao yo, while we were all working in the mortgage industry and everyone is running around w stated incomes and just v.o.e.'s to confirm employment. no,none of that ever happened? Every dumb fucking Cuban and South American that could fill out a 1003 was doing it. But you all are innocent rt lol all those bottles poppin w your crews hard earned money rt?. Lol go sell that shit somewhere someone actually buys it come pinga

  12. And yea, Suffered! let me tell you...