Monday, April 23, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Then this email I received over the weekend is worth far more when it comes to the City of South Miami and it's Police Chief's relationship with his wife's company, Airways Auto Tag Agency.  Remember, ever since we uncovered the City of South Miami's dealings with the police chief's wife's company, clearly in violation of the city's own ethics code, everyone involved from the city has denied every knowing that this unethical business relationship was going on.  Remember, when confronted by the Miami Herald, both the city manager, Hector Mirabile and police major Ana Baixauli simply brushed it off as an innocent mistake that the police chief, Orlando Martinez De Castro knew nothing about.

Take a look at this email which turns the city's version of events on its ear, rest assured, I've verified the source of this email...

I worked at Airways Auto Tag Agency for several years, and in one occasion I processed transactions for the City of South Miami.  At the time of these transactions three individuals from the city actually came in to the office to perform these transactions.  They introduced themselves as being coworkers that were refered by Orlando Martinez De Castro husband of Ileana Martinez De Castro and also chief of City of South Miami.  Before coming to the office a quote for the amount of the transactions was issued to the individuals representing the City of South Miami, and about a week later that individuals came to the office to process those transactions.  Those transactions were paid with a check from The City of South Miami for the amount of the quote. 

Now what?  So much for that "we had no idea this was going on" nonsense, right?  We'll discuss in detail next time.


  1. so busted is the word lol oh yes in deed

  2. like i said liar liar pencil fire you got caught red handed i am like mcdonalds im loving it

  3. Hey Mike, did you read the article in the Herald community News, South Miami section? There is a story about this Chief Orlando Martinez guy driving up to central Fl. with a bunch of south Miami Police Officers to buy a new police k9 from an ex sweetwater cop who is a dog broker now. Didn't this martinez guy work for sweetwater police too?? just asking...

  4. The problem is bigger. The City of S. Miami is responsible. It is his responsibility to make sure that all Federal Laws, State Laws, County Laws and even the City of South Miami ordinances are followed.

    Each check written is the responsibility of the City Manager. If he is so sloppy, to let the police have checking accounts or payment methods that bypass his office, he needs to be investigated.

    Don't go looking for the baby stroller county ordinance required spaces, at City Hall that can also be used by people with disabilities.

    Missing is the stripped parking from the disabled parking in front of the police station across the two lane traffic.

    And the American's with disabilities act (ADA)violations abound inside the City Hall.

    First advocates tell the Commission and City Manager about the violations. When ignored we turn the complaints over to the ethics commission and State Attorney. When they fail we sue in Federal Court.

    The City Manager has a Ph.D. in philosophy. His former job was with the City of Miami Police Department.

    Both the City Manager and the Police Chief are at odds with the laws.The Ethics Commission or State Attorney should act in a not corrupt system.