Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some pics from around Miami...

To say that I've been disgusted by our lovely city lately would be an understatement, what I saw yesterday only drove the point home.  

We started yesterday by spotting City of Miami city manager Johnny Martinez stuck in traffic along side us picking his nose for a few minutes...

Next we found ourselves going westbound on the 836 when I caught a glimpse of the new Marlins stadium...

I spotted something on the retractable roof, for a moment I figured someone had gotten up there and painted some graffiti but a close up revealed otherwise...

Incredible, after the royal fucking Miami taxpayers got with this stadium deal now it's being defaced by cheap looking advertising.  Wonderful.

Moving on, I'm sure some of you have seen the idiotic "Believe" campaign being put out by the City of Miami, usually in the form of a billboard or a bumper sticker on the back of a beat up city vehicle.  I have no idea what this campaign is about, this is what it's about according to the website...

“Believe” is a community awareness and empowerment campaign that will: Inspire residents and business owners to believe in themselves and in the City of Miami. Empower residents and business owners with information on various initiatives, programs and city resources. Transform cultural corridors into destinations that will attract visitors, increase commercial activity and engage the community in a variety of cultural events that will stimulate the economy.

Whatever.  Once again, I was stuck in traffic yesterday when I spotted this City of Miami police car with one of those "Believe" bumper stickers...

This one was a bit different than the others though, it looks like someone had altered this bumper sticker to make it more accurately describe this city, it's justice system and it's politics...



  1. Perfect word for city hall, when dealing with the taxpayers "LIE" When it come to the Marlins "LIE"
    when all else fails "LIE"

  2. Dude!
    You shot that Miami Cop in the back!
    His car # is clearly visible. wtf

  3. Dude @ 5:05, if I saw the car with the altered bumper sticker, imagine how many other people must have seen it? Regardless, if fixed it just for you.

  4. Sally Anne Sawh is living in Dubai. She is called Sallyanne Della Casa. There is an article about her in Today's Gulf News (Friday Magazine) called "when we grow up we will all be leaders"