Friday, April 6, 2012

Looks like there was a hearing yesterday that we missed...

Unfortunately it looks like I missed a hearing in the Airways Auto Tag Agency criminal case yesterday.  I've had my hands full lately with all sorts of other crap so I wasn't able to keep an eye on the court docket, regardless, the prosecutor asked Judge Bloom for a continuance because of some new evidence that has come to light.  We don't know exactly what "new evidence" may have come to light, we'll discuss that further on Monday.

Till then though, have a happy holiday, I'll leave you guys with some footage of my favorite Easter Bunny...


  1. Well i didnt and sounds like the judge dont bite that all bullshit she was about to dismiss the case only because the state attorney begged for time for some evidense that he needs to review this case was almost to finish yesterday.

  2. Mike I was at the court for you I've been following this case very close since you post it and while the judge is already mad I hv a feeling the time the attorney need is for them to continue fabricating this bullshit case you should have went because the judge is discusted with the case . I will make this case go to the news trust me

  3. Congrate for finishing the case.