Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A disappointing turn in the Warren Papove story...

From what we'd heard last regarding the story of South Miami handyman Warren Papove who was used as a political pawn by certain factions of South Miami politics, Mr Papove was supposed to be released from Krome detention center and was going to be going back to South Miami.  In fact the federal inmate locator website already shows that Mr. Papove has been released...

Sadly though, this is not the case.  Although the governments case against Mr. Papove was dismissed, it turns out that he is still going to be deported because of a minor drug possession charge from a few years back.  That's rather unfortunate, at first I was told that Mr. Papove was going to fight the deportation but now I'm told that he's going to voluntarily leave and go back to his native Canada.  It's an unfortunate turn of events, especially when Mr. Papove had nothing to do with the political undercurrents that got him where he is today.  

With that said though, Mr. Papove managed to get a message to us from Krome that he asked be published on our blog.  Keep in mind, these are his words and not ours...

Warren Papove's Good Bye to South Miami
Warren tells South  Miami , "I am not a crook"!
Warren hopes Sharon McCain achieves her goal by wrecking just one life and not any more.
Warren says that if Valerie Newman watched her diet maybe she would be happier with herself, and maybe if she worried about her own well being she would be less abusive toward others.
Warren says that Chief Martinez's guayabera is too small and to not knock on Connie's door, she is 91 and to please keep the jackboots away from her. Warren says that the streets of South Miami are safer now that he is gone. He asks chief Martinez if he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Warren says that if detective Mendez would have explained that not having an ID was not a criminal offense he would have walked in the back yard and closed the fence gate behind him.
When asked how he feels about Latins deporting Anglos he says next time he wants to be deported by someone who speaks English.
He says now that Hispanic officers are deporting Anglo tree guys, will the few Anglo officers be in charge of deporting Hispanic tree guys?
He says that as racially tense as the City is at least the Code enforcement officer (who stopped him and went on and on about clear cutting oak trees) can be of a different sexual persuasion than most in South Miami and still keep his job.

God speed to you Mr. Papove and good luck with your new life in Canada, at the rate we're going down here, you might be better off!


  1. wow this is sad so cheif martinez de castro has ruined many lifes and he still a cop why cant pappov have another chance if the issue happend years ago and now just because those politicians are in fight one to another is very sad the worst thing is to be deported by some banana boat cubans aint that some shit not only do we support this assholes when they come to our country but the canadians have the right to be here in usa not cubans ....lets deport chief and the fat lady and all his friends back to cuba and see what fidel thinks...

  2. South Miami Police Department Harassment Pt.1 ?


    Did you catch the name of the
    two SM commissioner experts on Police affairs that were thanked for their help.