Monday, September 24, 2012

The other Ana Alliegro...

Easy on the P-Chop Ana!

While everyone one is out running around looking for Ana Alliegro, has anyone wondered just who the hell this woman is?  We'll let our friends and fellow bloggers over at Eye on Miami describe her...
Ana was managing the campaign for Democrat Justin Sternad running against David Rivera. Sternad is believed to be a shill put in the race by David Rivera and Sternad's campaign also was believed to be financed with David Rivera's help. There were $100 bills stuffed in envelopes paying for Sternads's extensive campaign flyers said a mail house operator who was also a former government agent. Ana Alliegro's lawyer and her mother both have not heard from her.
It's a pretty shitty convoluted story, essentially this woman is a self described "republican political operative" or in her own words a "Republican Political Guru and Conservative Bad Girl!"  Remember that "Bad Girl" part, we'll come back to that in a moment.  From what we've been able to dig up on Ms. Alliegro, at one time she dated republican local politician Alex Diaz de la Portilla and according to county records she was even married to ex City of Miami Mayor Joe Carollo for a couple of months!  WTF?!  Joe was nearly 15 years older than Ms. Alliegro, regardless, we'll see that Ms. Alliegro has a penchant for older men.

What little we're able to find about Ms. Alliegro online shows her hobnobbing with powerful politicians otherwise there isn't much about Ms. Alliegro online.  Not much going on in the Dade county clerk of courts website, I even went so far as to look and see if she had any criminal history on the clerks website, this is what I came up with, as always, click on the image to enlarge...

Joe Carollo
So according to the clerks website, there's no criminal record for Ms. Alliegro.  Oh well, it's a one in the morning, so I figured, screw it, nothing to see here, move along, I'm off to bed.  But then I realized that there was something haywire going on, I knew she was married to Joe Carollo at one point, so why wasn't I able to find any record of her divorce online?  Normally, I'd go to the clerk of courts site and look up a name through a civil/probate justice screen, which in this case showed nothing, so I figured why not look her up using the Marriage license search?  I did so and found this...

Moshe Cosicher
Come to find out Ms. Alliegro has been married twice, most recently to Mayor Joe Carollo, but before that she was married to another guy named Moshe Cosicher.  Like I said before though, it turns out that Ms. Alliegro has a thing for older men, in Moshe's case she was 21 years older than Mr. Cosicher.  Still, nothing groundbreaking here, right?  I was still perplexed as to why I couldn't find anything in the clerk of courts criminal justice system especially since the mainstream media kept talking about some sort of pending case against her, so I figured I'd try searching again, this time using either the Cosicher or Carollo last names.  Nothing came up under Carollo but I did find something under Cosicher...

Rut ro!  Two separate criminal cases, let's look at the first one, case #F-07-001660...

SWEET!  Improperly exhibiting a firearm, discharging said firearm and false imprisonment!  Holy shit!  Now onto the second one, case #B-09-038964...

Yikes!  She's a petty thief as well!  It looks like she got off on both cases, the first one with the help of old Miami doper attorney Simon Steckel.  What these two cases give us though is a completely different picture of Ms. Alliegro, not the clean doctored image of a political operative that we've seen flashed throughout local media, but a new picture of a gun toting, false imprisoning petty thief...

No P-chop going on here!

WTFsauce folks?  Is this what republican politics have come down to?  This gun toting hostage taking whack job is a political operative?  Even worse, considering the shitstorm congressman David Rivera is in the middle of, why the hell would he want to have anything to do with this train wreck of a woman?  On another note, why hasn't anyone in mainstream media dug into this woman's background?  We'll have to take a look and see whats going on.


  1. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  2. She was a girlfriend of Alex DLP back in the 90s. She is a political hack and a serial candidate-for-hire. She is a cancer upon the democratic process. I bet she rats out Rivera and DLP and all the other cronies to the FBI for a reduced sentence - but she still needs to serve time!

  3. Wait, is this the prologue for a new Carl Hiaasen novel? Handguns, nudity, ugly divorces, corrupt politicians, envelopes stuffed with $100 bills, and the ever-present possibility of a floater in the Tamiami canal. Sadly, it is the Miami-Dade Republican Reality Show.

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  5. I know her family, her dad and cousins in particular, a very nice family. I also knew Carollo, went to school with him. There is more here than meets the eye, it is probably more complicated than it is and we need not rush at hasty determinations based solely on few records and hearsay that appears to come from people who do not have her best interests at heart.