Friday, September 21, 2012

Just how bad are things over at the City of Miami?

Could they possibly be this bad?

I've seen this City of Miami Fire Department Suburban several times this week with a busted out rear window covered with a plastic sheet.  Could things really be this bad that they can't afford to replace the rear window?  Overall I've noticed that the city's fire trucks and equipment were worn out and ragged out looking, either really dirty or with the paint faded out so bad that they no longer look red but more like a dark pink.  Could the city be so tight on money that they can't afford to keep up their equipment any longer?  I know the rest of their vehicles already look like shit, especially the police cars, but generally the fire trucks and assorted fire department vehicles are generally in good shape.

On another note, I'm sure you've all heard that former North Miami Mayor Beach Myron Rosner has been arrested on corruption and grand theft charges.  What's most interesting about this case is that it arose because of a blogger named  Stephanie Kienzle who's been after Mr. Rosner for years through her blog named Voters Voice.  Congrats to Stephanie, good work.

We'll leave off with another scandal that's rocked the Miami Dade Criminal Court system over the last few weeks, the story of the leopard print underwear.  In this case a public defender named Anya Cintron Stern decided to take photos of her clients underwear and post it on her facebook page.  From the Miami New Times story...
The family of defendant Fermin Recalde, who stands accused of a 2010 Hialeah murder, dropped off a bag of clothes to wear during trial. Public defender Anya Cintron Stern apparently thought the leopard-print man-briefs included in the bag were hilarious, and posted a photo of similar briefs on Facebook with a caption insisting they weren't "proper attire for trial." One of Cintron Stern's friend tipped off the legal system. She was fired and the case ended in mistrial.
What a horrific situation for the defendant, rather than concentrate on defending him the attorney somehow finds time not only to take photos of his underwear but then has the audacity to publicly post photos of said underwear on facebook. I'm glad she got fired.


  1. Follow the money @ Miami Fire.
    UASI and Grant monies being spent like drunk sailors on shore leave.
    Of course the monies can only be used for 'new' equipment not for repairs. $168,000.00 in Overtime gifts to those who keep their mouth shut!!And now cops and firemen are getting raises.
    pay back for hiding all the gambling machines for Rego's buddies.

  2. You're such an idiot and misinformed. Many local agencies are funded by federal FEMA money including local search and rescue teams. It has nothing to do with local money. Next storm we have and you are bellyaching about not having any services, don't cry.