Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another letter from Krome...

Warren Papove
Those of you who follow our blog know all too well the story of Warren Papove, the South Miami handyman that got caught in the crossfire of a nasty political battle between City of South Miami commissioner Valerie Newman, Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro and Commissioner Bob Welsh.  Based on what we've seen Mr. Papove became a pawn in the quest to discredit Commissioner Welsh and as a result he was picked up by the police and handed over to ICE who then transported him to Krome Detention center where he remains to this day awaiting deportation.  Mr. Papove managed to get us a message the other day and over the weekend we received yet another message from Mr. Papove outlining his current situation in Krome.  Here it is in it's entirety...
Greetings from Krome; a legal limbo land where rights aren't given by the constitution, but by ICE agents. After 68 days I haven't seen a judge or my deportation officer. Apparently I have the right to neither. You see in 1988  I signed a voluntary deportation order in California. It was explained to me that I couldn't return for 5 years. In Nov'93  I returned via Amtrak from Montreal to Mobile, Alabama where I continued working with my employer. Later in Florida he abandoned myself and another worker. He owed us both bonuses.      On the word of a snitch and a single ICE officer this deportation order was reinstated denying me any right to see a judge. The deportation officer assigned to me has left her job and did little prior to leaving. I've not spoken to her or her replacement. The officers  come on UNIT for about 10 minutes on Thursdays. 5-7 officers for 60-65 people. Mine doesn't show although the others claim he/she is downstairs and will be up shortly.        Allow me to clarify my most serious offense,Cocaine possession. Threre was no cocaine, there was a pipe with residue. I was sentenced to 24 HOURS OF PROBATION !!       After having access to me denied by a Canadian Consular official I visited  with MIAMI HERALD REPORTER ANDREA TORRES.She was physically removed part way through our visit. I was transferred the next day to Glades facility in Moore Haven. Transfers are not only due to overcrowding. They are also used as punishment for those who dare fight their case.      Transfers involve hours of waiting, shackled  at both the departure and arrival sites besides shackled traveling. All non-local calls are $2.85 connection fee and 50 cents / Minuit. Visiting is hindered , envelope procurement is interrupted and money earned ( $1.00 /day is possible ) is partially transferred and partially confiscated. Case defense suffers. The day after my transfer to Glades I was charged Federally with REENTRY and returned to Krome for a few hours before being sent to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in downtown Miami.      I saw a judge for bail purposes only. Only a quarter of a million dollars. One week later the charge was dismissed. I didn't get to see the judge. While  in Federal prison I was hungry. Lunch was often a sandwich and soup. If you hadn't somehow already bought a bowl you couldn't get the soup! No drink without purchase of a cup either. No water fountain. There was a sink, remember I was not convicted of anything, nor had I seen a judge regarding case merit.       Now I'm back at Krome where the guards are privately contracted (DOYON)  but ICE makes all relevant rules and decisions so there is a layer of separation.          Hundreds of people have passed through since I've been here have been deported before. I know two others charged with RE-ENTRY. One has twice served 4 year sentences, the other has a more lengthy record.          After  90 days they must review my case. They could renew the 90 day process in perpetuity. Unlawful confinement?          Most people I've talked to here have children and either wives, finances or girlfriends/ ex's. Most will be leaving voluntarily or by force. Your tax dollars hard at work here now will undoubtedly be working hard in the future.       Thanks for everyone who has supported me. Warren Papove, Krone Detention Center, Sept 12,2012
This is fucking crazy.  I hope the people responsible for putting Mr. Papove where he is are proud of themselves.

On another note, check out the Miami Herald article regarding absentee ballot brokers and the Miami Dade Judicial races.  Am I the only one thinking that all the absentee ballots from the recent election should be thrown out?


  1. South Miami Police Department Harassment Pt.1???


    Did you catch the name of the
    two SM commissioner experts on Police affairs that were thanked for their help.

  2. Nice. And the same detective is back to his old tricks.

  3. city of south miami regular city commission meeting
    August 21, 2012
    Commission Remarks Mayor Stoddard requested clarification from the police regarding the procedure for a search warrant-Major Baixauli to look into it further;

    City of South Miami Mayor Stoddard: i have heard from a couple of residents who have had the unhappy surprise of getting woken up 5am by an armed uh drug raid um so mr manager or maybe you want to ask refer this to the major um what is the legal requirement during a an arrest um to show a search warrant when entering a private residence i don't know that part of the law

    City Manager Mirable: Major would you like to uh address that question

    City of South Miami SM PD Major Baixauli: That operation was put together by our field operations bureau i really wasn't involved in that planning part but more than likely you would need a search warrant to go inside a house

    Mayor Stoddard: so if there is suspicion of illegal activity at my house and the police show up and i ask to see a warrant are they required to produce it on the spot or not

    SM PD Major Baixauli: if they have it and can produce it on the spot yes if not they can ask you to step outside and then go get a search warrant

    Mayor Stoddard: but i have as a resident of the house i have the right to hold up the police operation while i request to see the warrant or not so say 4 people show up they want to arrest somebody in my household and i say hang on before you come in or before anybody goes out i say i want to see the warrant do they have to stop and show me the warrant

    SM PD Major Baixauli: they had arrest warrants for individuals
    Mayor Stoddard: right
    SM PD Major Baixauli: i know they had that so they were looking for individuals that they were seeking to arrest as a result of the arrest warrants

    SM Mayor Stoddard: that i understand but if somebody comes to my door and wants to arrest a member of my household and i say not before you show me your arrest warrant do they have to show the warrant or can they ask me to step aside and proceed without showing the warrant

    SM PD Major Baixauli: i would my my opinion is they should show the warrant that's my opinion what the previous resident went through i do not know i wasn't there and it is under investigation i can't really talk about it

    SM Mayor Stoddard: understood but i just like to....

    SM PD Major Baixauli: there were a lot of different agencies involved not just us

    SM Mayor Stoddard: i would just like to know what the law is

    SM PD Major Baixauli: i can research it for you

    SM Mayor Stoddard: would you please

    SM PD Major Baixauli: yes

    SM Mayor Stoddard: thank you i'd like that