Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fired City of Miami police chief Kenneth Harms pens a rather peculiar letter to City of South Miami Mayor Phillip Stoddard.

It looks like someone over at the City of South Miami finally started to pay attention to my public information requests!  A few weeks back I requested a copy of a letter former City of Miami Police Chief Kenneth Harms sent to City of South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard regarding the alleged lewd behavior that occurred at the mayor's home right after an exchange student staying at his home discovered that the home had been broken into.  For those of you who don't know who Mr. Harms is, this article from back in 1984 sums it up nicely...

Essentially Mr. Harms was at the helm of the City of Miami police department during the race riots of the 1980's where the predominately white City of Miami police force was perceived to have an anti black bias.  Regardless, Mr. Harms was shit canned and sent on his way.  Since then Mr. Harms has been working as some sort of reserve officer in different police department and has been employed as an investigator for different attorneys and most notably as an investigator for the City of South Miami.  What's most troubling about this last part is that during Mr. Harm's tenure as an "investigator", he was never licensed by the state of Florida as a private investigator nor did he have a current law enforcement certification.  In fact, the only license that the Florida Department of Professional Regulation shows for Mr. Harms is a sales associate for a realator from back in 1994...

Whatever.  Since his firing back in 1984, Mr. Harms has made appearances in the media as a so called expert in law enforcement affairs, it's not uncommon to see one of the sorry excuses for evening news to go to Mr. Harms for a soundbite when there's something law enforcement related going on in the news.  

Another past time for Mr. Harms since his firing has been to interject his opinions on local affairs by writing letters to politicians and the media when he perceives that there's been some sort of wrong committed, case in point, the letter he recently wrote to City of South Miami mayor Philip Stoddard regarding the break in at his house that occurred nearly two years ago.  Take a look at the letter for yourselves...

Kenneth Harms Letter to Mayor Phillip Stoddard

What in the fcuk?  Have you ever read anything as slanderous as this piece of dreck?  First off, Mr. Harms claims to have reached the conclusion that the mayor engaged in some sort of lewd conduct in front of his daughter and a visiting exchange student based on the facts that he found in the police reports.  The fact that Mr. Harms chose to memorialize these slanderous allegations in a letter despite the very police reports he cites not supporting his allegations is laughable to say the least.  Last week we dissected the very same police reports that Mr. Harms references and proved that there was nothing of any substance to prove any of the allegations that Mr. Harms and his cohorts were making.  In fact, City of South Miami Detective King even went so far as to state in one of the reports that...
"At the time of my investigation (exchange students name redacted) didn't make any statement that lead me to believe that there was any illegal activity was (sic) taking place between Stoddard and (exchange students name redacted)."
We went on to conclude that if indeed something untoward had happened at the Mayor's home that morning that the everyone from the City of Miami PD that was present should have been fired and possibly charged criminally for their inaction considering the gravity of the allegations that are now, two years later, being levied against the Mayor.

If those allegations weren't serious enough, Mr. Harms then goes full retard and starts attacking the Mayor personally.  Here are some of the highlights of the letter...
  • Mr Harms calls the mayor "an elitist academician nerd"
  • Mr Harms says the City of South Miami is in "Good Hands" under former city manager Hector Mirabile and soon to be former City of South Miami police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro.
  • Mr Harms believes the system of the community democratically electing its politicians is "seriously flawed" and that the process "rarely results in qualified, competent and honest people"
  • Mr. Harms opines on the "conduct of public officials" as an expert witness
... and blah, blah, blah, blah.  So the mayor is a nerd, the city is in good hands with former city manager Mirabile and ethically challanged chief Martinez de Castro and elections are nonsense and result in the selection of buffons to run the government.

But the best part comes when Mr. Harms refers to the police report for the burglary at the Mayor's home:
"Given the inconsistencies in the report I have serious misgivings about a burglary being visited upon your residence as your (sic) reported"
Wait, what the fuck?  As a "trained law enforcement officer, investigator and manager" Mr Harms should have seen right through those "inconsistencies" in the reports, but he chose not to as the people that wrote those reports with the most slanderous allegations were part of his camp.  Mr. Harms goes on to spew more bullshit regarding the alleged lewd behavior at the mayor's house and finishes up with this...
"...while you are obviously different and out of the main stream of contemporary thought and behavior you should agree to a polygraph to help people decide whether or not you are a sexual predator.
I would also strongly suggest and encourage you to submit to a psychosexual evaluation to determine if you are a further risk to minor children"
In this instance, Mr. Harms is beginning to sound a lot like this asshole...

Honestly, what's crawled up this guys ass and died?  It's simple, you see, former city manager Hector Mirabile and police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro were cronies of Mr. Harms from back in their City of Miami days.  Harms, Martinez de Castro, Mirabile and their backers had a plan for South Miami, a brilliant plan where they were going to control and rape it like their own little fiefdom.  Unfortunately with the firing of city manager Mirabile and the eminent firing of police chief Martinez de Castro their grandiose plans for this sleepy little suburb are now in the toilet.  I can't reveal the details of this "plan" as of yet as I'm still researching and digging up evidence, trust me though, if I'm right, anyone who hears what these guys were up to will be appalled at their actions. 

On another note, if Mr. Harms is so concerned about what's going on in South Miami, why the hell did he wait till November 12, 2012 to review the case file on a burglary that occurred at the Mayor's house nearly two fucking years ago?  Isn't it strange that Mr. Harms waited till the day before he knew that his friend City Manager Mirabile was going to get fired before he dug up the police file on the burglary at the Mayor's house then wrote this nonsensical letter and distributed it all over god's creation shortly thereafter?  Sounds a bit retaliatory to me and a desperate bid to try to help his buddy get his job back, no?

In the mean time, I'd suggest Mr. Harms take that letter that he wrote and have an attorney friend take a look at it.  If I were a betting man, I'd say this isn't the last we're going to hear about this letter and the slanderous allegations that it contains.  It seems to me that Mr Harms was so upset about the eminent collapse of his carefully crafted ambitions for South Miami that he didn't think about what he was putting in that letter.  

Another suggestion for Mr. Harms?  Don't fuck with academician nerds...


  1. Orlando Marinez was Chief Harms executive assistant when He was the Police Chief at the City of Miami. Hector was not at the Police Department when Harms was Chief.Orlando left in a hurry when Harms was fired. Orlando then became Security Director for the old Cedars of Lebannon Hospital.Check out that Orlando was a Reserve Police Major for Sweetwater Police Dept.Harms must be a desperate S.O.B

  2. What South Miami needs to do is get rid of Chief Orlando Martinez, then Major Rene Landa and then Officer Al Alvarez then the Police Department would be back to a damm good Police Dept. like in the old days. and the officers now working would breathe a lot better and will do a much better job.

  3. Harms was fired at 2 am after the manager broke into his office safe to find secret dossiers Harms was compiling (J Edgar Hoover style) on members of the Miami City Commission. Seems little has changed.

    1. Since Ken Harms left the Miami Police Department several Miami city commissioners have been sent to jail and several more need to be. Ken Harms was wise to their corruption. Of course they wanted him fired. From a former 42 year Miami resident,

  4. As I recall the incident, the safe was empty.

  5. That's not what the people who shredded the contents of the safe said!

  6. Just when you thought the cesspool of South Miami politics couldn’t get any stranger, out from the black lagoon crawls Kenneth Harms, Private Eye. His 4-page letter to Mayor Stoddard is a monument to his arrogance and stupidity.

    What a slimy, self-serving cretin! Another know-it-all, career cop who wants to tell the Mayor how to act, and the community what to do – see a pattern there, Hector and Orlando?

    Harms’ suggestion that Mayor Stoddard take a polygraph is misguided. Rather, he should administer a self-polygraph, and ask himself if he is a worthless buffoon. C’mon Ken, the machine’s levels are spiking off the charts. Next, he can simultaneously test Chief Martinez de Castro and ex-City Manager Mirabile: were you in cahoots in hatching up a devious plan to take down our mayor? Third and last, a polygraph for Commissioner Newman –can you prove your birth by humans, or, are you the spawn of a succubus and a large South American rodent?

    The smear campaign against Stoddard, orchestrated by nitwits Mirabile, Martinez de Castro, Newman and Harms, has been exposed point by point by the Straw Buyer.

  7. I was wrong Mike, Mirable was a rookie police officer when Harms was the Police Chief at the City of Miami but I still standby to the fact that the safe was empty when Howard Gary had it opened.

  8. Whether the safe was empty or not I guess we'll never know. If it was empty though, I guess if the rumors are true then Mr Harms must have quite the collection of files!

  9. Ask former Miami PD Asst. Chief's Robert Warshaw (Donald's Brother) or Al Bared if the safe was empty as they were both present at 2:47am firing at Harms office.

  10. If Harms had any files on anybody they would of surfaced by now or he would of written a book. 1984 was a long time ago.No former Chief of Police from the City of Miami has written a book. Why????

  11. Cause all the politicians in Miami have spotless records?

  12. No book has been written perhaps because all the documents were shredded by Howard Gary and gang that night at 2:47am and therefore anything Harms writes in a book would be proofless and become slanderous and subject to many legal actions.

  13. I said no former Chief of Police from the City of Miami ever wrote a book not just Harms.Harms could never write a book his ego would get in the way..