Monday, November 19, 2012

Help is on it's way!

Isn't it?  Weren't we lead to believe that Governor Rick Scott was going to send the troops in to remove the City of South Miami Commissioners that voted to fire former City Manager Hector Mirabile and to reinstate the manager?  Has anyone seen the guys from Tallahassee doing just that?  I haven't seen anything?

The political machine that backs the former City Manager and the soon to be fired Police Chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro even had their paid mouthpiece put this headline out on his website...
Gobernador Scott interviene en crisis de South Miami
Or for those of us who don't speak spanish according to Google translate...
Governor Scott intervene crisis of South Miami
Which I suppose means that "Governor Scott intervenes in the South Miami crisis."  Ok, so that was last week, has anyone seen Governor Scott over in South Miami?

If that wasn't enough, the paid mouthpiece gives us this today...
Alcalde de South Miami es visto como racista antihispano
Which again according to Google translate...
Mayor of South Miami is seen as racist anti hispanic
LOL!  Is this the best you guys can do?  

We're waiting on some public information requests to come in, till then we'll be scouring the streets of South Miami looking for any traces of Governor Scott and his posse!


  1. My efforts to clean up city government

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

  2. "Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro directed his staff to engage his wife’s expert services in obtaining automobile titles and tags for 3 forfeiture vehicles. Staff complied and sent the Chief a memo (attached) stating the intention to purchase titles through his wife’s tag agency, Airways Auto Tag Agency. Two weeks later, while the Chief was in town, the memo was initialed by Major Ana Baixauli, who then signed off on the requisition, charging purchases against the State Forfeiture Fund. The Chief requested an accounting of all Forfeiture Fund purchases – the Airways charge was #2 on the list. However the Chief wrote a summary, which the Manager forwarded to the Commission, that omitted only the Airways charge. Deliberately leaving out information is a violation of the South Miami City Charter – Citizen's Bill of Rights, Truth in Government."

  3. Most of the students Stoddard takes into his lab at FIU are Hispanic, most of the employees he has hired are Hispanic, and most of his scientific collaborators are Hispanic. So how can Nelson Horta claim Stoddard discriminates against Hispanics?

    Mayor Stoddard discriminates against the corrupt of all ethnicities.

  4. The only thing Rick Scott should do is revoke the City of South Miami City Charter. How does such a corrupt pig like Valerie Newman get elected? How does such a corrupt pig like Mirable get hired as the City Manager? The corruption goes on and on with department head after department head. It will take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to dislodge all the hatchet men these two baboons have put in place.

  5. Next Code Enforcement Department Head DH or Purchasing DH or Human Resources DH or Parks and Recreation DH